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Going underground: best of Scotland's new underground, DIY and self-released music

4 Feb 2019

Featuring Cucina Povera, Luki and Graham Costello's STRATA

How to follow a debut as beautiful and fully-formed as Hilja? On ZOOM, Cucina Povera, aka Maria Rossi, shrugs off the weight of expectation by releasing 'a verité collection of situational recordings'...

Going underground: the best of Scotland's underground, DIY and self-released music scene

8 Nov 2018

Featuring releases from Bell Lungs, Kapil Seshasayee, Still House Plants, Aby Vulliamy and Fritz Welch

There's a bit of a physics and biology theme running through Phosphodendrophobia, multi-instrumentalist Ceylan Hey's debut tape as Bell Lungs. With this in mind, I found myself entertaining the notion that the title track is a sonification of a…

The Modfather Paul Weller won't add to brood

19 Sep 2018

Music gossip

'The Modfather' Paul Weller doesn't want any more children. The 'Changingman' hitmaker, 60, has eight kids like his rock star peers Sir Mick Jagger, 75, and Sir Rod Stewart, 73, and while he feels "extremely lucky" to be a father, he has no plans to…

Going underground: the best of Scotland's underground, DIY and self-released music scene

6 Jun 2018

Featuring releases from Dip Frisco, Horse Whisperer, Fua and more

A bedroom prog extravaganza, Horse Whisperer's The Fifth Season was one of the most memorable debuts of 2016, splicing Renaissance music and pastoral psychedelia with home-brewed beats. This split tape with art-punks Bamya and 'science-fiction band' Dr…

Paul Weller not pressured by music sales anymore

3 Oct 2017

Music gossip

Paul Weller doesn't feel "pressured" to release hit music. The 59-year-old star feels "comfortable" in what he does and isn't too worried whether his music is received well or not by his critics, as long as his fans like it. He said: "Mainly it's…

The Jam unlikely to reunite

17 Aug 2017

Music gossip

The Jam are unlikely to reunite as Paul Weller doesn't communicate with his former bandmates. The rocker disbanded the group at the height of their fame when he was just 24 years old in 1982, and drummer Rick Buckler says despite sending countless…


18 Sep 2006

The best pop, rock, jazz and folk

Jay Z Ignoring his own self-imposed retirement completely by appearing on everyone’s else’s records, the self-professed CEO of hip hop arrives for his first ever Scottish live date. See feature, page 20. SECC, Glasgow, Fri 22 Sep. (Rock & Pop) The…