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Valley of Love

8 Aug 20163 stars

Gérard Dépardieu and Isabelle Huppert head up an idiosyncratic comedy which makes the most of its star power

He's a messy, boozy, emotional hulk who just about makes up in charisma what he lacks in self-discipline. She's a tightly-wound Type A with an eccentric edge. Oh, and both are famous French actors… This drifty two-hander makes no bones about…

The Hot 100 2014: The Not 100

11 Dec 2014

Our five favourite gaffes, misjudgements and People Who Are the Opposite of Hot from 2014

John Barrowman In truth there was much to appreciate about the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, but for the first few minutes Karen Dunbar and Barrowman – a man whose cod hootsmon accent reeks of mouldy shortbread – had us clawing at the earth…

Gerard Depardieu was a male escort

6 Oct 2014

Film gossip

Gerard Depardieu worked as a male escort before being spotted by a theatre scout. The French actor has revealed that he was a gigolo and petty thief before he found a career as an actor. In his new autobiography, 'That's the Way it Was', the…

French Film Festival 2013 celebrates work by Daniel Auteuil, Bruni Dumont and Costa Gravas

6 Nov 2013

Juliette Binoche, Gérard Depardieu, Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou star in this year's selection

'After the previous box office highs of The Artist and The Intouchables,' says French Film Festival UK director Richard Mowe, 'le cinéma français shows no signs of resting on its laurels and as usual we have been spoiled for choice.’ The lineup for…


23 May 20114 stars

Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu star in playful French comedy

(15) 103 min Catherine Deneuve has a gift of a role in this deliciously subversive farce from the prolific François Ozon. Deneuve is Suzanne, the ‘potiche’ or trophy wife, blithely content to be a domestic goddess in the shadow of insufferable…


17 May 20113 stars

Gerard Depardieu stars in road trip comedy

(15) 92min Directors Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern have shown a talent to amuse with politically-incorrect, deadpan delights like Aaltra (2004) and Louise-Michel (still awaiting a Scottish cinema release). Mammuth offers more of the same with…

Opening film Potiche and Little White Lies among GFF highlights

17 Feb 2011

An overview of the careers of both actresses

The Catherine Deneuve-starring Potiche, opens the 2011 Glasgow Film Festival, while another programme highlight is Little White Lies starring Marion Cotillard. Paul Dale examines the career of both actresses.

The Concert - Melanie Laurent profile

7 Jul 2010

Name Melanie Laurent Born 21 February 1983 Background Born and raised in Paris, Melanie Laurent has Obelix to thank for her acting career. Gerard Depardieu was playing the comic strongman in the movie adaptation when he spotted a…

Mesrine: Killer Instinct (l’Instinct de Mort)

30 Jul 20094 stars

Tracing a line from Mesrine’s disillusioning military service during the Algerian war to the beginning of his notoriety in 1972 (when he graduated to murder), the first instalment of this epic crime tale is derivative, energetic and hugely…

Gerard Depardieu's son dies

14 Oct 2008

Celebrity Gossip

Gerard Depardieu's son has died at the age of 37. Guillaume Depardieu - the actor's child from his first marriage to actress Elisabeth Guignot - was hospitalised on Sunday (12.10.08) with pneumonia but passed away in Paris' Raymond-Poincare de…

My American Uncle

23 Aug 20075 stars

(18) 125min (Arrow DVD rental/retail)

Working from, but in no way limited by the behavioural theories of Henri Laborit, Alain Resnais’ 1980 film shows us Laborit explaining how our behaviour often resembles that of the animal kingdom, but also how humans complexly deviate from it. Resnais…

La Vie en Rose

19 Jun 20073 stars

French singer Edith Piaf’s real life was the stuff of turbulent melodrama: she was abandoned by her mother and spent some of her impoverished childhood in a brothel, and she was discovered singing on the streets by an impresario, whom she was later…