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The List: 25 Years - A night at the Arches, Glasgow featuring Errors, King Creosote and Come on Gang!

5 Oct 2010

Event celebrates 25th anniversary of The List Magazine

After 25 years of writing about other people's events, we've decided to put on our own... and it's been worth the wait. We're taking over The Arches for one Friday night only, showcasing the best of Scottish culture, including many of favourite bands…

Gay Against You - Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes

13 Nov 20094 stars

(ADAADAT/Upset The Rhythm) Staccato electro beats and synth licks seemingly stolen from end-of-level bosses on a Commodore 64 game populate the 15 tracks of this album alongside sing-song vocals seemingly nicked from the nearest playground. Bound to…

Exposure: Ben Butler and Mousepad

5 Feb 2009

The geeks will inherit the earth. So it was prophesied that men wearing big glasses and bright jumpers, and carrying around portable Yamaha keyboards in their backpacks, would come to replace posturing rock stars as the myspace heroes of a new…

Gay Against You

2 Oct 20063 stars

POST PUNK The Subway, Edinburgh, Mon 11 Sep What to do with a sparse audience on a soggy Monday night? If you’re electro-saccharine noise terrorists Gay Against You, you drag all 20-odd onstage with you, thus immediately quelling the venue’s…