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Garden of Elks – A Distorted Sigh

28 Apr 20153 stars

Debut indie album from moonlighting members of Bronto Skylift, PAWS and Lady North

Lo-fi Scottish supergroup Garden of Elks features members of Bronto Skylift, PAWS and Lady North, but there’s every chance that they could surpass the lot in time. Set off by singer Niall Strachan’s reverberating, recorded-in-a-coalshed (not literally…

Singles round up – September 2014

16 Sep 2014

Including new releases from Garden of Elks, Rozi Plain and Rachel Dadd, Baio and Night Noise Team

Garden of Elks – Yoop EP (Self-released) ●●●● Something of a Glasgow rock supergroup with members of Bronto Skylift, Paws and the late Dananananaykroyd in their number, Garden of Elks release an EP which is pleasingly not at all what might be expected…

EP review - Garden of Elks, 'Extended Play'

22 May 20133 stars

Noise pop/college rock debut from a Glasgow band, starting to grow antlers

Fuzzy, relentless and slathered in Pixies and Sonic Youth influences, 'Extended Play' is a frantic debut affair which announces Garden of Elks as a band with genuine promise. Billing themselves as a ‘noise pop’ outfit, GOE are worthy of a place…

The cream of Scottish music to play goNORTH 2013

17 May 2013

The creative industries festival features performances from Alarm Bells, Roman Nose and Fat Goth

Important figures from across the creative industries - and more importantly, a heap of great bands - are once again flocking to Inverness for the annual goNORTH festival. There are over 70 live acts already on the bill, many of whom have already caught…

Garden Of Elks - Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow, Thu 7 Mar, supporting Campfires in Winter

12 Mar 20134 stars

Say what you like about the often whimsical and fickle notion of a ‘scene’ and its accompanying ‘scenesters’ - in the case of the current slew of DIY guitar bands that are currently hitting up Glasgow’s punk influenced network this has brought a more…