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Entertaining production of Gagarin Way despite smothering political debate

21 Mar 20113 stars

Gregory Burke's blackly comic kidnap-gone-wrong thriller

Playwright Gregory Burke may be best known for the endlessly garlanded Black Watch. But judging by the packed and noisily receptive crowd at the Brunton Theatre in mid-March, theatregoers also have fond memories of his debut, the blackly comic…

Gregory Burke's Gagarin Way set for Carnegie Hall

11 Feb 2011

New production brings out all four characters

Rapture theatre has forged a strong reputation for its revivals of contemporary and classic plays, touring to the furthest corners of Scotland. Having previously triumphed with works as diverse as Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, the Scottish premier of Joe…

Gagarin Way

10 Aug 20094 stars

Comics successfully revive Fringe hit

At first glance, the decision to revive Gregory Burke’s heavy-hitting play about labour unrest and kidnapping might appear to be an act of folly on the part of the Comedians Theatre Company. Burke’s debut was first staged to great acclaim at the…

Man for all seasons - Phil Nichol at the Fringe

23 Jul 2009

Mark Fisher finds Phil Nichol mining two rich seams of comedy at this year’s Fringe

One is a Restoration farce typically performed by seasoned rep actors on grand proscenium-arch stages. The other is a scabrous heist comedy in which a middle-management executive is kidnapped in a Fife factory.

Will Andrews

11 Jun 2009

Although he first tried stand-up as a 17-year-old in Newcastle, Zimbabwe-born Will Andrews established his comedic reputation in Scotland. Performing live as his alter-ego Tony Carter, a dole-sponging Geordie on a government retraining scheme, he…

Gregory Burke: Hoors

30 Apr 2009

Gregory Burke feels more mellow, more at home with himself than the thirtysomething who entered the public domain with the premiere of Gagarin Way in 2001. At that time there was a sense of a man dazzled by the sudden attention the play brought him.