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Bruce Fummey warns our board that the end is nigh!

19 Aug 2010

Board Meeting: Bruce Fummey

It's an apocalyptic sight on a Fringe afternoon and a pretty doom-laden topic, as Scottish comedian Bruce Fummey talks about the end of time. With jokes. After a few years looking to history for inspiration for his shows, this time he's looking at the…

Purple pornstar namesake draws us a rather un-sexual picture

19 Aug 2010

Board Meeting: Sarah-Louise Young

Sarah-Louise Young takes on many guises. She's a darling of the cabaret scene, adopting a variety of characters to showcase her many acting and vocal talents. She's also, as it happens, one of our most chipper models to date. And the ukulele? Apparently…

Andy Linden expresses himself in odd ways on our board

19 Aug 2010

Board Meeting: Andy Linden

It's the dude you might recognise off the telly doing chat and that. If we were to analyse his Board, we could conclude that he either sees himself as the Elephant Man or a balloon. We're not sure which is more worrying.

Golden Lizard give us one of the most impressive boards

19 Aug 2010

Board Meeting: Golden Lizard

Their lizard may not be entirely golden in this shot, but it has a nosebleed. Random bits of blood is, we believe, the new thing in comedy. Especially when you give comedians the option of a red board marker. Nice funny boys doing characters and…

Comedy Zone show off their artistic talents

19 Aug 2010

Board Meeting: The Comedy Zone

If you're finding it difficult to decide which comedians to see, then The Comedy Zone has four fine young things showing off for an hour and a half. And, if their whiteboard is to be believed, they all look exactly the same. Apart from the scary giant…