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Paul Brannigan, star of Ken Loach's The Angels' Share - profile

23 May 2012

The actor is also set to appear with Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin

Born 1987, Glasgow, Scotland Background After working as a football coach in the Barrowfield community in Glasgow and helping to tackle knife crime as part of a Strathclyde Police initiative, Paul Brannigan was spotted by screenwriter Paul Laverty…

Ralph Fiennes, star and director of Coriolanus - profile

5 Jan 2012

Man behind the modernised Shakespeare adap has Bardic pedigree

Name Ralph Fiennes Born Ipswich, Suffolk, 22 December, 1962 Background Initially a star onstage with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Fiennes gained international film recognition for his Oscar-nominated performance as Nazi Commander Amon Göth in…

Interview - Rob Brydon

17 Oct 2011

The comic actor answers our questions ahead of the release of his autobiography, Small Man in a Book

First record you ever bought Apart from Rupert Bear, Propaganda by Sparks. Last extravagant purchase you made A cashmere scarf. First film you saw that really moved you Barney’s Version. Last lie you told I never lie. First movie you…

Profile - Sebastian Koch

13 Sep 2011

German star of coming-of-age Brit comedy Albatross

Name Sebastian Koch Born Karlsruhe, Germany, May 31 1962 Background Koch has worked solidly in European films and TV for over 25 years, but it was his terrific performance in The Lives of Others (2006) that made him recognisable to cinema…

Profile: Andre Ovredal

24 Aug 2011

Writer and director of Troll Hunter

Born 1973, Norway Background After studying at Santa Barbara’s Brooks Institute, where he made his first film, Future Murder (2001), Ovredal established himself as a successful director of commercials in Norway. What’s he up to now? He’s written and…

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Profile: Chris Weitz, director of A Better Life

18 Jul 2011

Director known for American Pie, About a Boy and The Golden Compass

Name Chris Weitz Born 30 November 1969, New York City Background Weitz began his career co-directing the hit teen comedy American Pie (1999) with his brother Paul. After another successful collaboration, 2002’s About A Boy, Weitz’s first solo…

Profile: Philip Seymour Hoffman, director and star of Jack Goes Boating

27 May 2011

The much-respected actor screens his directorial debut at the EIFF

Born Fairport, New York, 23 July 1967. Background Known as the ‘character actor’s character actor’, Hoffman has been a jobbing actor since the early 1990s. After playing bit parts in television shows, shorts and features, Hoffman got his breakthrough…

Profile: Gregg Araki - director of Kaboom

23 May 2011

A wild, sex-filled ride heavily influenced by the B-movie genre

Name Gregg Araki Born 17 December 1959, Los Angeles Background Araki came to prominence in the 1990s as one of the leading figures in what was labelled New Queer Cinema (a collection of films by directors including Derek Jarman and Todd Haynes…

Profile: Jim Mickle, director of vampire horror Stake Land

23 May 2011

Director turnes hometown into a post-apocalyptic wasteland

Name Jim Mickle Born Pottstown, Pennsylvania, 1977 Background After graduating from New York University’s filmmaking programme, Mickle worked in the camera department for features Transamerica, Shortbus and Pride and Glory. The experience gave him…

Profile: Simon Hynd, director of horror thriller Senseless

24 Mar 2011

Jason Behr plays US businessman who is kidnapped

Born 20 January, 1974, Edinburgh Background Hynd studied Film & Television at Napier, making a few shorts that got him noticed by the Scottish film industry, going on to win a Scottish BAFTA for his short Tumshie Mcfadgen’s Bid for Ultimate…

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Profile: Ken Wardrop, director of documentary His & Hers

10 Mar 2011

Irish director paints collective picture of woman in Irish Midlands

Wardrop grew up in a farming community in rural Ireland. After a stint working in London he enrolled at the National Film School, Dublin where he graduated in 2004 specialising in creative documentary making. His graduating short film, Undressing My…

Profile: Richard Ayoade

2 Mar 2011

Boosh, IT Crowd and Darkplace star directs Joe Dunthorne adap Submarine

Name Richard Ayoade Born 12 June 1977, Whipp’s Cross, London Background Best known for playing Moss in Graham Linehan ’s hit TV comedy The IT Crowd, Ayoade first came to the notice of cult comedy fans as writer, director and co-star of spoof…

Brighton Rock remake actress Andrea Riseborough - Profile

17 Feb 2011

From Made in Dagenham to starring opposite Guy Pearce

Name Andrea Riseborough Born 27 October 1981, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Background She was Sally Hawkins’ mate in Happy-Go-Lucky, Margaret Thatcher in The Long Walk to Finchley, English Civil War-era crumpet in The Devil’s Whore and busty Brenda…

William Fichtner stars in new horror Drive Angry - profile

17 Feb 2011

The US actor on playing the accountant from Hell

Name William Fichtner Born 27 November, 1956, Long Island, New York. Background ‘I’ve got a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice but I had to take one arts course as part of my core requirements,’ explains Fichtner, ‘so I took an improv…

An exploration of Hong Sang-soo's films ahead of Edinburgh Filmhouse season

28 Oct 2010

Tony McKibbin examines the relationship dynamic in Korean filmmaker's celebrated films

Hong Sangsoo films often focus on characters so in crisis that they cannot help but generate crises in the very situations they find themselves in. They are not only crisis-ridden; they create a mise-en-scene of misery out of their own inability to…

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Police, Adjective - Corneliu Porumboiu profile

6 Oct 2010

Romanian filmmaker leading movement committed to realism and use of black humour

Name Corneliu Porumboiu Born Vaslui, Romania, 1974. Background Porumboiu studied film at the National University of Drama and Film in Bucharest. He first received acclaim for his short film A Trip to the City (2003). This was followed by…

Profile: Abbas Kiarostami

20 Aug 2010

Certified Copy's director's film history

Name? Abbas Kiarostami. Born? Teheran, Iran, 1940. Background? Kiarostami worked as a graphic designer before joining the Centre for Intellectual Development Of Children And Young Adults where he started a film section. His first film The Bread And…

Profile: Anne Consigny of Wild Grass

7 Jul 2010

Born 25 May 1963 in Alençon, Orne, France Background One of five children, Consigny grew up in the French capital, where he father was a high-ranking civil servant. She attended Paris’ National Conservatory for Drama aged 16 and two years later…

Paradis Regained: Heartbreaker

16 Jun 2010

Matching up diminutive Gallic songstress Vanessa Paradis with hunky acting heavyweight Roman Duris may not have been an obvious fit, but the combination has proved electric. Richard Mowe talks to both actors ahead of the EIFF screening of their film…

The Illusionist opens EIFF 2010 - Sylvain Chomet interview

9 Jun 2010

The year after French animator Sylvain Chomet knocked out cinema-goers at the 2003 Edinburgh International Film Festival with his wildly eccentric and utterly charming double-Oscar nominated debut feature, Belleville Rendez-vous (aka The Triplets of…

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Michael Winterbottom on The Killer Inside Me

28 May 2010

Born 29 March 1961 Background Born in Blackburn the director has become known for his ability to churn out films and work across genres. He made his first feature film Butterfly Kiss in 1995. What’s he up to now? Winterbottom has adapted…

Profile: Martin Compston

29 Apr 2010

Name Martin Compston Born 8 May 1984, Greenock, Scotland Background The son of a welder father and office manager mother, aged 16, Compston signed as a professional footballer with his home town club Morton FC. Whilst still at school however, he had…

Profile: Nicolas Winding Refn

28 Apr 2010

Born 1970 Copenhagen, Denmark Background After coming to prominence by re-sculpting his 1996 hit Pusher into an accomplished drug-trilogy, Danish writer/director Winding Refn’s controversial Bronson won him plaudits for coaxing a remarkable…

Profile: Ian Hart

22 Apr 2010

Name Ian Hart Born Liverpool, 1964 Background Ian Hart’s role as Professor Quirninus Quirrell in the ongoing Harry Potter saga is only a footnote in a role-call of strong supporting performances. Hart started out with a Play for Today…

Interview: Mark Cousins - The First Movie

22 Apr 2010

Documentary on experiment introducing the children of Iraq to cinema

Mark Cousins most recent adventure took him to Kurdistan on a mission to spread his love of cinema. Miles Fielder catches up with him Belfast-born, Edinburgh-resident Mark Cousins has been involved with cinema in many ways. He’s hosted the BBC’s cult…