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22 Feb 20124 stars

Argentinean neo-noir explores car crash insurance scams

(15) 107 min Beginning and ending with visceral images of car crashes, this slice of contemporary neo-noir, from Argentinean writer and director Pablo Trapero, unites two of his country’s finest actors. The titular vulture (‘carancho’) is an…

Revisiting: Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

17 Feb 2012

David Lynch and his troubled relationship with television

In May 1990, David Lynch controversially stormed the Cannes Film Festival with his adaptation of Barry Gifford’s Wild at Heart, picking up the prestigious Palme d’Or. Two years later, when he premiered Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – the feature length…

Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema 2012

17 Feb 2012

Programme includes The First Born, Another Fine Mess, The Black Pirate and Safety Last!

Shhh...! Whisper it quietly, but it’s fair to say that 2012 is likely to be the biggest year in silent cinema for nearly eight decades. The global success of Michel Hazanavicius’ glowing tribute The Artist means that silent films currently have their…

Bill Cunningham New York

17 Feb 20124 stars

Illustrates how New York Times photographer’s significance extends beyond fashion

(12A) 84min You don’t need to be a fashionista to fall for Richard Press’ feature debut, an exuberant, occasionally intimate portrait of Bill Cunningham, a former milliner and New York Times photographer specialising in street fashion and society…

Luke Fowler (with Toshiya Tsunoda and John Haynes)

17 Feb 20124 stars

Film installation references RD Laing

‘We are actors in a play... whose plot we don’t know... and whose end I dare not imagine.’ These words, delivered by iconoclastic Glasgow-born ‘anti-psychiatrist’ RD Laing, not only form the opening gambit of ‘All Divided Selves’, Luke Fowler’s latest…

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Profile: Markus Schleinzer - writer and director of Michael

17 Feb 2012

Debut film based on Madeleine McCann and Josef Fritzl cases

Born 8 November, 1971, Vienna Background Schleinzer has spent 17 years in the Austrian film industry as a casting director, working for filmmakers such as Michael Haneke (The Piano Teacher, The White Ribbon), Jessica Hausner (Lovely Rita…

The Raven

17 Feb 20123 stars

Thriller hypothesing final days of Edgar Allan Poe falls prey to genre cliches

(15) 111min As the opening titles to The Raven tell us, until he was found near death on a park bench in October 1849, Edgar Allan Poe’s final days remain a mystery. Spinning a macabre tale that might feel at home in one of Poe’s stories, this…


17 Feb 20123 stars

Michael Winterbottom's bold re-imagining of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles

(15) 113 min Roman Polanski filmed Tess of the D’Urbervilles back in the late 1970s as Tess, with his then partner Nastassja Kinski in the lead role of Thomas Hardy’s heroine-cum-personification-of-nature. Here Michael Winterbottom, who’s previously…

GFF 2012 - Opening Gala: Your Sister's Sister

17 Feb 2012

Mumblecore director Lynn Shelton introduces her latest film at the opening of the Glasgow Film Fest

Director Lynn Shelton was at the Glasgow Film Theatre last night to introduce her opening gala feature, Your Sister's Sister. She seemed ecstatically happy to be there, hugging co-director Allison Gardner ahead of the screening. Then, after the usual…

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

17 Feb 20122 stars

OTT second outing for Nicolas Cage's flaming-skulled anti-hero

(12A) 95mins Nicolas Cage’s latest stab at lending Ghost Rider mainstream credibility suffers from the decision to employ Crank duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor as co-directors. For while certainly high on manic energy, Spirit of Vengeance lacks…

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Interview: Sally Phillips - writer of The Decoy Bride

17 Feb 2012

Ex-Smack the Pony performer on fish pie, Narnia and Rear of the Year

First record you ever bought ‘A New England’ by Kirsty MacColl. Last extravagant purchase you made A much larger than necessary Mac desktop. First film you saw that really moved you The Decoy Bride. Last lie you told See above. First…

Hollywood film productions boost Glasgow's economy by £20m

16 Feb 2012

Cloud Atlas, Under The Skin and World War Z all shot in Scotland

Big-budget films starring the Hollywood elite helped generate more than £20m for Glasgow's economy in 2011, with several film production companies choosing the city as a location. A-listers Brad Pitt, Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson have all…


16 Feb 20123 stars

Suspenseful non-horror addition to the found footage canon

(12A) 84min The found footage genre is beloved by horror filmmakers (Blair Witch, [REC], Paranormal Activity). With its panicked shakiness and POV perspective, it’s a neat shortcut to instilling a sense of panic. Godzilla clone Cloverfield attempted…

GFF 2012 - Director Lynn Shelton on Your Sister’s Sister

10 Feb 2012

Mumblecore icon on her film which opens 2012 Glasgow Film Festival

Seattle-based filmmaker Lynn Shelton has specialised in revelling in the foibles of her characters across each of her four movies, so it’s no surprise to hear her say, 'People are flawed, that’s what I love about them... I want people to like characters…

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

10 Feb 20122 stars

By-the-numbers old age comedy drama

Early in this by-the-numbers comedy drama, a young salesperson eagerly enthuses to retiring couple Douglas (Bill Nighy) and Jean (Penelope Wilton) that 'the grey pound is very strong at the moment'. We’re quite clearly supposed to see this…

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Electric Man

8 Feb 20123 stars

A patchy, if well intentioned, Edinburgh-set comic comedy

(12A tbc) 98min Shot in Edinburgh on a micro-budget, comic shop comedy Electric Man declares its intentions from the off: this is to be no social realist kitchen sink drama, typical of the UK film industry, but rather a light-hearted love-letter to…

Safe House

8 Feb 20123 stars

Brutally slick but flawed action thriller starring Denzel Washtington and Ryan Reynolds

(15) 115mins Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds make a formidable partnership in Daniel Espinosa's Safe House, a brutally slick, if flawed, action thriller.

GFF 2012 - Day planner

6 Feb 2012

Our highlights for each day of the Glasgow Film Festival

It can be difficult, when any festival rolls around, to decide which events to skip in favour of others. Searching rigorously through the programme, referring back to the calendar, trying to fit in as much as possible - it's a painstaking piece of work…

Glasgow Film Festival: Why I love Gene Kelly

3 Feb 2012

Miles Fielder makes a song and dance about the charismatic movie star

For a film lover who hates musicals (this writer), the GFF’s Gene Kelly retrospective ought to be a hard sell. Telling stories through song and dance, Kelly’s forte (the latter of which endeavours earned him a special Oscar in 1951), is anathema to this…

Glasgow Film Festival highlights

3 Feb 2012

A selection of the best events at GFF 2012

Music We’re excited about DIY promoter Cry Parrot’s event with soundtrack dark lord Umberto who will provide the music for a secret film of his choice (SWG3, 25 Feb, 8pm). Douglas Hart, founding member of The Jesus and Mary Chain, has made videos for…

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Take One Action Film Festival Scottish Tour

3 Feb 2012

The political film festival is set to travel around the country throughout February 2012

The Take One Action Film Festival - Scotland's biggest film festival dedicated to cinema with a political edge - is to tour Central and Northern Scotland throughout February. Among the films scheduled to screen on the tour is Even the Rain, the Gael…

Interview: Zach Braff, writer, director and star of All New People

2 Feb 2012

The Scrubs and Garden State star discusses his new theatre production

‘I’m still Jenny from the block,’ says Zach Braff after a moment’s reflection. ‘Even now I feel a bit underground in the acting world.’ For those who enjoyed Braff (and 20 million viewers around the world did) as the lovable JD in US comedy drama…

Young Adult

2 Feb 20124 stars

A fiercely dark comedy from Juno writer-director team Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman

(15) 94min This reteaming of Juno director (Jason Reitman) and writer (Diablo Cody) is a fiercely dark character comedy that once again demonstrates the pair’s refusal to be limited by genre conventions, no matter how sacred. The set-up is…

Zach Braff: Ten things you might not know

2 Feb 2012

The star of Scrubs, Garden State and All New People also voices the US Andrex puppy

1 He is the youngest of four children. He has two brothers, Adam and Joshua, and a sister, Shoshanna. His mother and father are divorced and have both remarried. He says he now spends Thanksgiving with his ‘four parents’. 2 He had an ‘American…

GFF 2012 - 85A presents: Jan Svankmajer

2 Feb 2012

Judd Brucke of 85A discusses the art collective's tribute to the Czech filmmaker

‘One of our comrades was approached by the GFF to do something with the festival,’ says Judd Brucke, a member of the collective of Glasgow-based multi-disciplinary artists that stage weird and wonderful live events under the banner 85A. That something…