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Merchant City shopping

23 Jul 2009

As a shopping mecca, Glasgow seldom disappoints with its range of high street emporiums and vintage hangouts. Straddling the divide between old and new, Merchant City encompasses the city’s ethos for boasting something for everyone. Fifi & Ally’s…

Time for tea, at last - the best tea rooms

23 Jul 2009

Let’s play word association. Tea and … well, there’s coffee, and for the last decade or two we’ve been in a mocha monopoly with coffee chains over-populating our high streets, railway stations, book shops and most places in between. Tea and…

Culinary year

11 Dec 2008

Donald Reid digests the culinary year in view. That the most widely used phrase to describe the current economic downturn has a culinary connotation is a crumb of comfort to the restaurant world. You can’t dwell on the credit crunch for long without…

Fifi and Ally - deli and wine bar review

4 Oct 2007

The List’s restaurant reviews appear in a section of the magazine entitled ‘Life & Style’. If you’ve never fully grasped the connection then you’re advised to book a table at Fifi and Ally’s new restaurant, deli and wine bar, located in what’s vaguely…