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14 Aug 20154 stars

Channelling the inner idiot, Clout plays with our relationship to food

Well, clearly someone’s mother never told them not to play with their food. By the end of Clout Theatre’s hour-long riot of macabre buffoonery, involving breakfast, lunch and dinner, you are genuinely pitying the person who has to clean it all up…

Fringe preview: Playing with our Food

30 Jul 2015

Theatre addressing our obsession with nutrition

In the rush to catch as many shows as possible, food is often the last thing on anyone’s mind during the Fringe. However, this year, several companies are offering up calorific feasts on the stage. For breakfast, Clod Ensemble's production The Red…


30 Oct 20084 stars

John (son of Clu) Gulager’s horror comedy is a delight in minor key. Somewhat like the endearing Tremors of two decades ago, it never loses its playful spirit and sense of homage to earlier monster movies, though here the tone is somewhat darker and…