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7 Dec 20154 stars

Colin Kennedy’s sleek, funny and honest erotic drama stars the wonderful Elena Anaya

The mainstream, narrative erotic movie has been somewhat sidelined since a significant part of its function was replaced by freely available online porn. The Spanish actress Elena Anaya (The Skin I Live In) starred in a fondly-remembered example of the…

From OkCupid to Tinder: will technology be the death of love?

23 Jan 2014

Ewan Morrison asks if dating sites and apps have doomed modern romance

This is a typical date from the not-too-distant future: a young man (K) and a young woman (A) go on a date to a café/bar. They both have smart-pads with them and share clips and messages friends have sent. Their friends are watching the live feed and…

Hot 100 2012: 79-70

11 Dec 2012

Dominic Hill, Ewan Morrison and LuckyMe among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2012

The Hot 100 is our list of Scotland’s 100 hottest individuals and groups who’ve made a splash this year, from comic book writers to comedians, artists to actors. If they've contributed to Scotland's cultural landscape in 2012, you'll find them here.

Scottish Book of the Year Award 2012 shortlist announced

16 Nov 2012

Nominees include Alan Warner, Aonghas MacNeacail, Carol Ann Duffy, Ewan Morrison and Irvine Welsh

The shortlist has been announced for the 2012 Saltire Society Scottish Book of the Year. This years award will be chosen from a list of seven authors including James Kelman, Irvine Welsh and Kathleen Jamie to become the best Scottish book of…

Five contemporary Scottish authors on the writers who have inspired and influenced them

5 Nov 2012

Scottish literary scene’s younger writers about the figures whose influence has driven them on

Rodge Glass on Alasdair Gray. As Gray’s secretary, I watched him carve his sentences out first-hand, seeing how he always sought clarity in the fewest words possible. That was my writer’s education. In studying his life and work for my biography of…

The Arches: 21 defining moments

18 Oct 2012

The cutting edge venue turns 21 this year - here are some of the stand-out moments in its history

1. Cafe Loco October 1991 First set up as an experiment by Arches founder Andy Arnold to bring theatre to clubbers, Cafe Loco showcased numerous emerging and experimental performers including early sightings of performance company Mischief La…

AL Kennedy, Jon Ronson and Ewan Morrison to appear at the Wigtown Book Festival

13 Sep 2012

While the Edinburgh International Book Festival looms large over not just the Scottish scene, but the global festival arena, we should be very grateful that those in charge of literary gatherings across the country haven’t chosen to up sticks and do…

Why I love Glasgow - By Ewan Morrison

31 Aug 2012

The author reveals his love affair with the dear green place

I love this place. Here’s why. Glasgow is a fairly modern city, most of it was built on the back of the sugar and tobacco trade in no time at all, and as a result it has this wonderful, rational, almost surgical structure. It is absolutely impossible to…

Edinburgh Book Festival 2012 day planner

3 Aug 2012

Julia Donaldson, AC Grayling, AL Kennedy, Alexander McCall Smith and more

Saturday 11 Julia Donaldson The Glasgow-based Children’s Laureate kicks off the Book Festival with a performance-based show in which she brings life to stories such as The Gruffalo and Superworm. Hubbie Malcolm will be on hand to help things along.

Ewan Morrison - Tales from the Mall

22 May 20124 stars

A wealth of information and anecdotes drawn together to paint a funny, scary portrait of our times

As Ewan Morrison notes in his introduction, the shopping mall is a potent symbol of the homogenised world in which we live now. You could look at images of shopping centres in Dundee and Dresden and chances are you won’t be able to tell them apart. The…

In Process and Great Debates

9 Jan 2012

The Scottish Writers’ Centre's events are keeping the country's literary talent in the spotlight

When it comes to getting the literary community ablaze with conversation or putting scribes under the microscope, the Scottish Writers’ Centre seem to have it down to a fine art just now. In Process is their monthly series of events in which a writer…

Ewan Morrison - Tales from the Mall extract

19 Sep 2011

A short snippet from Early Learning Centre, one of 22 short stories collected in Tales from the Mall

To celebrate the fact that Cargo Crate has signed up Ewan Morrison’s print and digital mega-project, Tales From The Mall, The List offer you a sneak peak with an excerpt from the one of the 22 stories, Early Learning Centre One thing disturbed Les…

Theatre shows using digital media at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011

26 Jul 2011

Incorporating Skype and mobile apps into theatre shows

Digital media is being embraced by theatre companies at this year’s Fringe, but is this a passing fad or a great way for theatre to keep in step with modern technology? Lauren Mayberry investigates

Catherine O’Flynn, Rodge Glass and Ewan Morrison remember David Foster Wallace

24 Mar 2011

Publication of US author's The Pale King

Approaching a David Foster Wallace book is akin to launching towards a psychological assault course. His writings included his 1987 debut The Brooms of the System (about a switchboard operator who fears she may not actually exist), his 1999 short story…

Margins is Glasgow’s newest grassroots book and music festival

16 Feb 2011

Doug Johnstone, Ewan Morrison Tom Leonard and Withered Hand

Imagine just starting a festival. Just saying, right there and then ‘there’s a gap in the market, and I’m going to fill it.’ It’s not such a great step for Mark Buckland; when newly graduated from university, he said to himself ‘I’m going to start a…

How to avoid writing bad sex scenes in fiction, by Ewan Morrison

1 Feb 2011

'Avoid using medical words to describe genitalia'

We’re talking literary sex, of course. Author Ewan Morrison explains how to avoid bad sex scenes in fiction

Some simple suggestions for a special Valentine's in Edinburgh and Glasgow

1 Feb 2011

Poetry, song, food and hotel break options for February 14th 2011

Special Valentine-themed events seem to fall around but not on the day in question this year: Club Noir (O2 Academy, Glasgow, Sun 11 Feb, below) have their sexy burlesque-y Valentines Masked Ball slightly early, while Aidan Moffat hosts his Valentine’s…

The List: 25 Years - A night at the Arches, Glasgow featuring Errors, King Creosote and Come on Gang!

5 Oct 2010

Event celebrates 25th anniversary of The List Magazine

After 25 years of writing about other people's events, we've decided to put on our own... and it's been worth the wait. We're taking over The Arches for one Friday night only, showcasing the best of Scottish culture, including many of favourite bands…

Ewan Morrison - Tales from the Mall

18 Aug 2010

Author's latest project contains pictures from shopping centres

Can you give us five words to describe Tales from the Mall? Anecdotes, confessions, myths, underbelly, consumerism. Which authors should be more famous than they are now? Wishing fame on a writer is tantamount to desiring their demise as…

Ewan Morrison and Mall Tales want your shopping centre stories

14 May 2010

The highs, lows, and occasional misfortunes of the everyday take centre stage this fortnight as part of a unique new storytelling initiative concerning the world of shopping malls. Inspired by author Ewan Morrison, in conjunction with award-winning…

The Golden Hour

18 Feb 2010

The Forest Cafe’s glorious, shambolic and boozy literary cabaret night, hosted as ever by the utterly affable Ryan Van Winkle, gets in on the Edinburgh City of Literature One Book / One City campaign. The theme this year is ‘Carry a Poem’, and readers…

Valentine's Day: Love letters to Glasgow

3 Feb 2010

Dear Glasgow. We love you. We sincerely do. You’ve given so much to us over the years, we felt we just had to say something – as did some of your more well known inhabitants. Here, an assortment of Glasgow's finest list the people, places and things…


21 Aug 2009

Literary and performance talent on the cheap

Why would you bother forking out your last twenty quid for a probably patchy big-name comedian when you can see the cream of Scotland’s literary and performance talent, live, for less than the price of a fish supper? The increasingly ubiquitous…

Scottish Books - Irvine Welsh, Alan Bissett and Ewan Morrison

9 Jul 2009

Irvine Welsh inspired a generation of young Scottish writers and showed there was literature to be found in the lives of the Scottish underdog. Two of the leading lights of that next generation are Alan Bissett and Ewan Morrison. Both authors boast…

Preview 2009 - Books

8 Jan 2009

It’s another hot year for the Scottish contingent with Denise Mina, Irvine Welsh and Ewan Morrison all bringing out books (July) although arguably the country’s most intriguing 2009 publication comes from Dundee debutant Gavin Bain. California Schemin…