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Global Cool event encourages 'rebooting' a jumper to save money and reduce fuel usage

12 Jan 2011

Artist collective Garterstitch100 to create 10m stitch blanket to mark International Women’s Day

Tempting though it may be to break out the high-neck Damart thermals at this time of year, and bury yourself beneath layers of wadding and fleece, there are ways of staying draft-free and still exposing a hint of waistline/ dress sense/ youthful abandon…

Inside story from a recycling plant

29 Apr 2010

Wasting time

In part two of our green coverage, Paul Dale makes a visit to an Edinburgh recycling plant

Ethical holidays, ecotourism and green travel

29 Apr 2010

There’s more to being a green traveller than cutting down on carbon-oozing flights. Where you stay is also important. Using hotel TVs, DVD players, minibars, air con and gyms and demanding that sheets are changed every day comes at an environmental…

Calculating the emissions cost

29 Apr 2010

The Editor's green blog

After two weeks it’s time to do the sums and put the stamp of factual authority onto my green project. The CO2 emissions calculator on the government’s Direct Gov website ( tells me that, prior to my eco-conversion, I had…

A guide to green vegetables

21 Apr 2010

Historic records indicate that we once ate food fresh from places near where we lived, such as back gardens and local farms, thus cutting down on the need to transport food across the globe and avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Here’s a…

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Growing your own veg not just for the green-fingered

21 Apr 2010

The Editor's green blog

It's weekend catch-up time on the Green Blog, and yes, it did get dirty over the last few days. On Saturday I wandered, blinking, into the sunlight of my back-yard to see what I might be able to cultivate for myself. I was pleased to find that I…

A Better Way To Work

16 Apr 2010

With endless tram works bunging up Edinburgh, there’s never been a better time to get on your bike, and one new eco-travel project wants to help city commuters do just that. A Better Way To Work – managed by Edinburgh-based cycling and recycling charity…

Booze-free, bus-free, bottle-free green living

16 Apr 2010

The Editor's green blog

Going green is a process in stages. I am currently still just starting out in my efforts to be a more planet-conscious human, though my first steps are significant ones. The most significant of which are the steps I now take to my work instead of…

Cleaning Up the Streets - A day with Edinburgh's environmental wardens

15 Apr 2010

Paul Dale spends a day with Edinburgh’s environmental wardens, and finds the job of the recycling police is a far cry from Miami Vice.

Convection heater first casualty of war on waste

15 Apr 2010

The Editor's green Blog

The List’s editor, Jonny Ensall, ditches bad habits in favour of a fortnight of green living. I am not the Earth’s best friend. If I’m honest, we rarely see eye-to-eye. My side of our relationship is based around a lot of taking and not much giving.

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Green directory for Edinburgh and Glasgow

15 Apr 2010

Community Projects Abundance Edinburgh Go green and eat like a king. This Edinburgh-based group makes leather, vinegar, cider and cheese from harvested apples and pears that would otherwise be binned. Edinburgh…

Six simple steps towards a greener lifestyle

15 Apr 2010

You might not be ready to go all Richard Briers in The Good Life just yet, but there are some effective steps you can take towards a greener lifestyle that will cost you only a tiny amount of time, money and effort. John-Paul Holden runs down the six…

Growing pains: Guerilla gardening in Glasgow

15 Apr 2010

Glasgow’s Guerrilla Gardening campaign is currently transforming the Townhead area of the city centre with seed and bulb-bombing tactics. Their cause resonates with a lot of green-fingered but flat-bound gardeners, desperate to make the most out of any…

Six essential eco-gadgets

15 Apr 2010

Spend yourself green! John-Paul Holden suggests you kit out your life with these must-have eco items

How upcycling transforms used objects into ones of greater value

15 Apr 2010

Upcycling – the process of turning unwanted items into products of greater value – might sound like a dubious idea (another eco-concept that’s all trouser fluff and no trousers perhaps?) but it does raise the point that with most recycling the final…

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Glasgow Guerrilla Supper Club

17 Feb 2010

Local guerrilla gardeners have been leaving messages as well as planting seed bombs in recent weeks, so the time is clearly ripe for some guerilla eating. Based at a large Victorian villa in Pollokshields, artist Hilary Nicoll is running the Glasgow…

Food, Inc.

1 Feb 20104 stars

(PG) 93min Robert Kenner’s Oscar-nominated documentary seeks to lift the veil surrounding the food industry in America, and to reveal, in the director’s own words, ‘the truth about what we are eating’ – cheap food, it transpires, comes with some…

More for less: Smart shopping

20 Jan 2010

There’s a line of impeccable logic that applies whether you’re rich as Croesus, as poor as a church mouse, or somewhere in the middle. We all have to feed ourselves to stay upright. Eating food involves getting hold of it and preparing it. The more…

Eugenics season

19 Nov 2009

Who says scientific theory and cinematic endeavour are mutually exclusive? Certainly not the organisers of this weekend long Biomedical Ethics Film Festival, which delves into the ethically fraught discussion of human perfection and our right to strive…

Sweden's No Mind Festival - Three Miles North of Molkom

10 Sep 2009

It’s 5pm on a Monday afternoon and I’m crying. I’m sat on the grass mat floor of a big tent and I’m weeping on the shoulder of Carine, a beautiful Swedish lady I have known for only a few days. She’s crying too and our waterborne grief and guilt is…

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Festival of Spirituality and Peace

19 Aug 2009

The quality of human relationships and their ability to engender peace in our hearts is the loose theme of this year’s laudable festival. Its film strand kicks off with a digitally restored print of Derek Jarman’s inspired adaptation of Benjamin…


13 Aug 2009

There are a number of exciting performances illuminating the themes of the Festival of Spirituality and Peace this year, but none quite so heart-stirring as Scotland’s own Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers. Look out for exhilarating rhythms, martial choreography…

5 Questions: Donald Reid

7 Aug 2009

Director of the Festival of Spirituality and Peace

Five events you’re most looking forward to at this year’s Festival The Root of All Evil? with Vincent Cable MP and Nic Marks, Chopin Recital by Aleksander Kudajczyk, Yathra (Journey) by Ragamala Dance, Rendition Monologues by iceandfire theatre…

Activism - Meet the political activists

23 Jul 2009

There’s been a lot of nostalgia for the 90s recently, as Blur, Take That and the Spice Girls reform (however fleetingly), and various media outlets (this one included) celebrate 15 years since the invention of a handy marketing tool called Britpop.

Activism - Active ingredients

23 Jul 2009

What we eat, where our food comes from and how we eat it all have a huge impact on our local and global environment – and, happily, it only takes a few small changes to the way we approach our food to make a difference. Local, seasonal food is cheaper…