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I'm a celebrity . . . get me in the Fringe!

19 Jul 2018

The festival is a place where youthful ambitions are realised or thwarted. It's also somewhere that many famous faces come to see what all the fuss is about

While Irish dancer and performer Sarah Blanc tours with her love-letter to the man who donned the finest mullet in *3Neighbours*2 history (for which there was a heap of competition, eh Kylie?), Jason himself is in town with a reflection on his four…

Esther Rantzen considering using Tinder

19 Sep 2014

TV gossip

Esther Rantzen is considering using online dating to find love. The 'That's Life!' presenter has admitted to being lonely following the death of her husband and confessed she was tempted to give the popular mobile dating app Tinder a try. She told…

Esther Rantzen's daughter The One?

8 Jul 2010

TV Gossip

Esther Rantzen's daughter is reportedly being lined up for 'The One Show'. Rebecca Wilcox - who is currently a presenter on 'Watchdog' - is said to have been screen-tested to fill the shoes of Christine Bleakley on the popular BBC One show after the…

Esther Rantzen

14 Aug 2008

Loving life in the third age

It was the death of her husband Desmond Wilcox that shaped the philosophy behind Esther Rantzen OBE’s new book If Not Now, When? A self-help book, after a fashion, it expands on the virtues of enjoying life at every available opportunity, even into…