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Cleaning Up the Streets - A day with Edinburgh's environmental wardens

15 Apr 2010

Paul Dale spends a day with Edinburgh’s environmental wardens, and finds the job of the recycling police is a far cry from Miami Vice.

Convection heater first casualty of war on waste

15 Apr 2010

The Editor's green Blog

The List’s editor, Jonny Ensall, ditches bad habits in favour of a fortnight of green living. I am not the Earth’s best friend. If I’m honest, we rarely see eye-to-eye. My side of our relationship is based around a lot of taking and not much giving.

Green directory for Edinburgh and Glasgow

15 Apr 2010

Community Projects Abundance Edinburgh Go green and eat like a king. This Edinburgh-based group makes leather, vinegar, cider and cheese from harvested apples and pears that would otherwise be binned. Edinburgh…

Six simple steps towards a greener lifestyle

15 Apr 2010

You might not be ready to go all Richard Briers in The Good Life just yet, but there are some effective steps you can take towards a greener lifestyle that will cost you only a tiny amount of time, money and effort. John-Paul Holden runs down the six…

Growing pains: Guerilla gardening in Glasgow

15 Apr 2010

Glasgow’s Guerrilla Gardening campaign is currently transforming the Townhead area of the city centre with seed and bulb-bombing tactics. Their cause resonates with a lot of green-fingered but flat-bound gardeners, desperate to make the most out of any…

Six essential eco-gadgets

15 Apr 2010

Spend yourself green! John-Paul Holden suggests you kit out your life with these must-have eco items

How upcycling transforms used objects into ones of greater value

15 Apr 2010

Upcycling – the process of turning unwanted items into products of greater value – might sound like a dubious idea (another eco-concept that’s all trouser fluff and no trousers perhaps?) but it does raise the point that with most recycling the final…

Hydro Connect Festival - Eco-friendly

21 Aug 2008

How green is my valley?

Carbon neutral is a precise cocktail. It is a recipe that Geoff Ellis, director of T in the Park and creator of the Hydro Connect Festival, has learned by heart. He committed to making T in the Park carbon neutral in 2006, transforming it into the first…

Eco-friendly festival shopping

5 Jun 2008

Never mind Kasabian at Connect or Shaky at Glasto, the real headliner at this year’s festivals is the environment, stupid. The ecological impact of 80,000-odd people producing a huge amount of concentrated waste is immense but festivals are offsetting…