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Theatre preview: Drift

8 Jun 2015

Site-specific theatre is set to drift up to a beach near you this summer

Vision Mechanics, under the leadership of Symon MacIntyre, have a dynamic approach to theatre. Variously responding to specific sites – they have toured Scotland’s botanic gardens – and balancing between theatre and visual art, their performances…

Five questions: Natalie Trewinnard of Scottish Dance Theatre

3 Aug 2010

SDT's shows Drift, NQR and other Fringe dance highlights

Give us five reasons to come and see SDT’s two Fringe shows Three contrasting works of total theatre; powerfully athletic; SDT dancers have individuality and personality; groundbreaking work; thought-provoking. Tell us four more Fringe dance shows…

Le Reno Amps - Tear It Open

2 Apr 20094 stars

GUITAR POP This third offering from the Scottish popsters doesn’t fit in with any current trends, which is all the more reason to take them to your heart. From Aberdeen by way of Glasgow, the Amps here deliver an unashamedly upbeat and melody-strewn…