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Neill Blomkamp's Alien project gets green-light

19 Feb 2015

District 9 and Elysium director to direct new film in the franchise

It's one of the most beloved yet badly treated properties in Hollywood. Its first four films were helmed by some of the best directors in the world, and now District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp is to join the illustrious list after confirming…

The Film Formula: Elysium

9 Sep 2013

We analyse the familiar elements in the Matt Damon-starring sci-fi action flick

We'll start with the obvious one: Elysium is the second feature-length film directed by Neill Blomkamp, who previously gave us the rather wonderful District 9. His new movie shares so much DNA with his previous effort, it's almost like a spiritual…

District 9

21 Aug 20094 stars

(15) 112min Under the guiding hand of producer Peter Jackson, South African writer/director Neill Blomkamp has expanded his 2005 Alive In Joberg short to feature length for this dazzling sci-fi thriller. Set in 2010, District 9 takes place on an…