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Kim Seong Jae and Andrew Welsby among the ones to watch at GSA's 2013 Degree Show

16 Sep 2013

A showcase of the brightest new talents at the Turner and BAFTA-rich Glasgow School of Art

It may be a bit of a cliché – see the stars of tomorrow, today – but in regard to the Glasgow School of Art graduate degree show, it’s actually true. And given that GSA regularly turns out Turner and BAFTA prizewinners as well as other artists of…

Highlights from 2012 art college degree shows in Scotland

25 May 2012

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Napier and Dundee degree shows

As Scotland's art colleges prepare to open the doors on their annual degree shows The List gets a sneak preview of some of the most eye-catching work on display.

The legacy of Scottish arts institutions ECA and GSA

27 May 2011

An examination as degree shows and 2011 Turner Prize approach

When David Shrigley spoke in 2010 about how the arts institutions in Glasgow were crucial to his creative development, he may have been bemoaning the impending threat of arts cuts, but his intervention nonetheless speaks volumes about where art…

Art College Degree Shows

11 Jun 2009

Edinburgh College of Art Lizzy Stewart: Illustration Stewart’s work adorns record sleeves, editorial pages, zines and books. Her vivid prints, including ‘Giant Bear in a Tiny Village’ (pictured), will be on display alongside illustrations for Dee…

GSA Degree Show Street Party 2009

11 Jun 2009

Over the years, the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show afterparty, where alterna-haired art hipsters take over Renfrew Street for a night-long outdoor bunfest (rather like The Kids From Fame but with skinnier jeans), has become almost as important an…

Degree shows 2009

11 Jun 2009

It’s the season for Edinburgh’s filmmaking students to exhibit their wares. Napier University and Telford College were the first out of the gate; next it’s the Edinburgh College of Art’s animation students who usually deliver a few surreal shocks and…

Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show

19 Jun 20084 stars

MIXED MEDIA Edinburgh College of Art, until Tue 24 Jun Information overload, autonomy, inquiry, provocation and dissent. Not themes as such, but rather loose strands in the willfully disparate expanse that makes up this class of 2008…

Glasgow School of Art MFA Degree Show (Group Show)

19 Jun 20084 stars

MIXED MEDIA Tramway, Glasgow, until Sun 22 Jun While locating good work by up-and-coming artists at an undergraduate show can feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack, at the Glasgow School of Art MFA show, as might be expected, the work…