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Review: Treme Season 3 released on DVD

20 Sep 20135 stars

Deep and intoxicating penultimate season to quietly brilliant follow-up to The Wire

David Simon’s The Wire might have grabbed all the glory, but his follow-up project (co-created by Eric Overmyer) continues to be quietly brilliant. It may not have garnered the headline attention of his hard-hitting crime drama, but Treme tells as deep…

The House I Live In

17 Dec 20124 stars

Angry and illuminating documentary about America's war on drugs

Director Eugene Jarecki, the brother of fellow filmmaker Andrew, attacks America’s failed war on drugs in this angry and illuminating documentary that will leave viewers clued-in but fuming. Jarecki’s contention is the multi-billion dollar campaign…

The Wire's Clarke Peters in Fringe run of Five Guys Named Moe

3 Aug 2010

The Wire's Lester Freamon stars in the musical he wrote

Clarke Peters, best known for his role in US cop show The Wire, talks to Kelly Apter about taking time out to appear in the hit musical he wrote himself

The Hot 100 2009

18 Dec 2009

Compiled by List staff through a painstaking process of review and debate, the Hot 100 is the comprehensive list of Scottish creative talent, covering both individuals and organisations who’ve made a standout contribution to culture in 2009. This year’s…

David Simon/Richard Price

21 Aug 2009

From Baltimore to Edinburgh

OK, so if you didn’t know it by now, The Wire is officially ‘the best TV drama series ever made’. Everyone from Jay Z to George Osborne have professed their love for the now defunct Baltimore show while arts journalists at The Guardian are forced to…

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David Simon - not for 'the average viewer'

13 Jul 2009

The creator of 'The Wire' comes to Edinburgh

Aside from his Charlotte Square appearance, David Simon will also be presenting a masterclass as part of the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Yet, there are many more out there in Festival city who would love to get a chance to hear from the…

Edinburgh festival highlights: The top 30 shows

13 Jul 2009

August’s finest entertainment at a glance

We bring you a selection of the best shows at Edinburgh this year across all the festivals, including barnstorming retelling of the Goethe story Faust, former Talking Head David Byrne in experimental mood, The Wire's creator David Simon and theatre…

Edinburgh's Other Festivals

13 Jul 2009

Away from the Fringe and the EIFF, August still has a lot to offer

Suzanne Black explores the enlightenment of the Festival of Spirituality and Peace; the geekiness of Edinburgh Interactive; the diversity of Edinburgh Mela, and Ant and Dec at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival.

News in Brief

9 Jul 2009

Scottish opera, in collaboration with the RSAMD, is piloting a new programme to help graduate singers launch their careers. The Emerging Artists programme will offer graduates a wide range of opportunities over the year to help them at the start of…

The Corner

25 Jun 20094 stars

Long before The Wire became every two-bit critic’s all-time favourite show (be afraid people, even George Osborne is a fan) David Simon gave us The Corner, a relentlessly bleak mini-series which fleshed out the painful lives of West Baltimore’s most…

Edinburgh International Book Festival and Edge Festival add to line-up

25 Jun 2009

From a Poet Laureate to cult TV show writers, this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival launched in style, with a programme boasting writers, poets, politicians, photographers and artists from 45 countries. Highlights of the August line-up…

David Simon - Man on Wire

4 Sep 2008

With his true crime books and epoch-forming TV shows, David Simon has painted a bleak picture of modern America. Miles Fielder hears him pray that it all turns out OK