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Coriolanus Vanishes

5 Aug 20184 stars

David Leddy's powerful play changes gender

In David Leddy's striking meditation on power and abuses of power, Irene Allan takes on the role of Chris. It's fascinating to see as a standalone piece, and works just as well as the first version starring Leddy himself. Where Leddy's portrayal was…

The Last Bordello addresses provocative matters

2 Feb 2018

David Leddy challenges audience expectations with his distinct theatrical identity

David Leddy has forged a distinctive theatrical identity, connecting high concepts and broad humour and, as in The Last Bordello, challenging audience expectations. Promising his familiar mixture of references to classical texts and contemporary…

Coriolanus Vanishes

19 Apr 20174 stars

Scottish maverick reveals an ugly side

Drawing on Shakespeare's Roman general, a study of Stalinist revision and a strong sense of justice, David Leddy's Coriolanus Vanishes is a spectacular monologue that matches Leddy's dynamic stagecraft and a psychological journey into the neuroses that…

Coriolanus Vanishes examines how childhood relationships play a role in later life

7 Apr 2017

David Leddy's return to the stage after 12 years is as impressive as ever

After the success of dark ensemble comedy International Waters, Fire Exit's latest project heralds director and writer David Leddy's return to performing after 12 years. Having built a reputation for productions that scramble genres and combine high…

International Waters

24 Mar 20164 stars

David Leddy's crew are all at sea in this choppy dark comedy

Satire, to paraphrase, is often a dish best served cold like a cup of sick. Happily, writer and director David Leddy's new comedy has vomit – along with other bodily fluids – to spare, a scabrous script augmented by Becky Minto and Nich Smith's stunning…

Horizontal Collaboration

10 Aug 20142 stars

David Leddy's latest play has an interesting concept but fails to deliver at the Edinburgh Fringe

David Leddy's new play is based on an intriguing conceit: four actors – different ones each night – take to the stage to read from a script they have never seen before. They are judges at a UN war tribunal, reading transcripts from witnesses involved in…

City of the Blind

5 Aug 20144 stars

A deeply unsettling, unforgettable experience

Theatrical iconoclast David Leddy’s online thriller is an astonishing achievement, in technical and dramatic terms. It delves into some of the rawest, most distressing areas of human activity and forces you to confront them in detail and at…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 interview: David Leddy offers a double whammy of political intrigue and horror

30 Jul 2014

The Scottish theatremaker returns to the Fringe with Horizontal Collaboration and City of the Blind

David Leddy is looking for actors. As his new play, Horizontal Collaboration, requires a fresh cast of four for every performance, he needs about 120 of them to see him through the Fringe. And no one can do it twice. Leddy, whose works include the…

Long Live the Little Knife

4 Aug 20134 stars

Sharp, self-aware study of truth and fakery from David Leddy and Fire Exit

'Metanarrative! Get it up ya!' yells the triumphant Liz, one half of a brash couple of counterfeit handbag dealers turned art forgers. David Leddy's Long Live the Little Knife is a quick, clever, chaotic uncovering of what we mean by truth, framed as a…

Interview: David Leddy on new show Long Live the Little Knife

4 Feb 2013

Theatremaker on 2013 work taking in themes of authenticity, gender and free market economics

This month, Scots theatremaker David Leddy (Susurrus, Sub Rosa, Untitled Love Story) premieres his new workLong Live the Little Knife in Glasgow ahead of an Edinburgh Fringe run later this year. The List previewed the show – here’s the full transcript…

New David Leddy theatre piece Long Live the Little Knife

22 Jan 2013

Playwright's raucous theatrical caper referencing forgery and castration

A few months ago I saw the writer Daniel Jackson in Euston Station,’ says David Leddy, ‘and we got the train back to Glasgow together. We were talking about our projects, and as I described all these avant garde things, Daniel sighed and said, ‘are you…

Untitled Love Story

17 Aug 20113 stars

Stories of love and loss that fail to catch fire

Untitled Love Story is the first of David Leddy’s productions for years to be set in a conventional theatre. And, while the Venice-set meditation on lost love contains the lyrical writing and formal innovations that have made his past work so exciting…

The Edinburgh Festival 2011 shows creating new kinds of audience interaction

26 Jul 2011

Are you sitting comfortably? Not for long

Oh Fringe audience, you poor, beleaguered souls. Herded in and out of cramped venues, besieged by flyer-happy teenagers and bankrupted by increasingly stretched ticket prices, now you also have to provide the entertainment. Terrible, isn’t it? This…

The Hot 100 2010 - Mark Millar, Kevin Bridges and Alasdair Gray take top 3 spots

16 Dec 2010

Our annual chart of the top creatives in Scotland

The Hot 100 is a list of Scots who've made a sizeable creative splash in 2010. It includes musicians, artists, writers, actors, fashion designers, technological innovators, shop owners, festival directors, record label heads and one mad cyclist.

Nic Green’s Trilogy and David Leddy’s Sussurus among highlights of IETM

27 Oct 2010

Umbrella group assembles Glasgow theatre festival bill

At a time when the threat of cutbacks hangs over Scottish theatre, it might be wise to take a good look at this theatre arts conference, for much of the work being showcased will not – if the auguries are true – be seen again on this scale for some…

David Leddy’s Sub Rosa

9 Aug 20104 stars

Atmospheric, immersive Victorian promenade horror story

David Leddy’s Sub Rosa was originally created for the dark nooks and crawlspaces of Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre. But its new home, the symbol-festooned Masonic Lodge in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, is such a perfect fit for the Victorian gothic…

David Leddy’s Sub Rosa at Edinburgh Fringe

3 Aug 2010

Gothic Victorian promenade show tours working Masonic lodge

After its triumphant debut at Glasgow Citizens Theatre in early 2009, David Leddy’s gothic Victorian promenade show transfers to a working Masonic lodge, full of the requisite hidden nooks and crannies that lent the original production its eerie…

David Leddy's Sub Rosa

16 Jul 2010

Gothic late-night promenade through Masonic lodge

This gothic Victorian promenade show takes a small audience on a late-night tour of a Masonic lodge. Ghosts lead you through hidden rooms and into derelict corners, the darkness beyond getting more profound as the intensity of your anxiety rises with…

Theatre hitlist

3 Sep 2009

Arches Live! The Arches continues to push performance boundaries with a mouth-watering season of shows, many of them by non-traditional theatre-makers. Arches, Glasgow, Thu 17–Sat 26 Sep. The Cherry Orchard Dundee Rep ensemble turns its…


19 Aug 20094 stars

A triumphant reworking of David Leddy’s boundary-pushing piece

A triumphant reworking of David Leddy’s boundary-pushing piece of promenade audio-theatre. While at first it feels odd setting off around the Botanics, map in hand, Leddy’s dark tale of an opera singer’s family, loosely based on A Midsummer Night’s…

White Tea

10 Aug 20094 stars

Emotionally dense, textually nuanced journey through time and space

Writer-director David Leddy’s latest piece requires its audience to robe up in white kimonos before embarking on an imaginative journey from Paris to Japan, without ever leaving the small room in the Assembly Rooms in which it takes place. Its use of…

David Leddy - in context

23 Jul 2009

The theatrical experimentalist explores what makes good men do bad things

As writer/director David Leddy’s body of work grows, certain recurring themes become apparent. This is common enough to all writers, but what marks Leddy out is a kind of largesse of spirit to his work, a generosity about the people portrayed that…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe theatre highlights for a fiver

20 Jul 2009

Short of cash but trying to squeeze in as much festival action as physically possible? Fear not! Our inflation-busting guide presents fifty preview shows for a mere five of your Scottish bank notes

Sub Rosa

22 Jan 2009

Theatrical innovator David Leddy uses the hidden nooks, crannies and crawl spaces of the Citz to create a gothic Victorian narrative, which explores the nature of power through music hall milieu. Cora Bisset, David Magowan and Alison Peebles star in the…

Arches Theatre Festival

27 Mar 2008

‘Well, it’s kind of hard to describe. I’m sorry, I just have to meet the person whose party this is... Hello! I’m back. There are two dressing rooms which are used for musicians, and there’s a room next to it with washing machines in it, and then…