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Dave Green: Melt

21 Aug 20183 stars

A charming lo-fi set about fretting

Dave Green is one of life's worriers and this debut show perfectly captures that low level of anxiety that neurotics carry about with them on a daily basis. He conjures worry from a fear of letting stuff go, checking appliances are switched off, being…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

31 May 20162 stars

Spirit-sapping sequel to the 2014 reboot, from producer Michael Bay

At best maintaining the meagre standard set by its critically mauled precursor, the heroes in a half-shell are back for a tonally obnoxious, patience-testing second outing. Dave Green (Earth to Echo) replaces Jonathan Liebesman in the director’s chair…

Earth to Echo

30 Jul 20142 stars

Dave Green's directorial debut is an artless retread of the Spielberg-inspired Super 8

Debut director Dave Green’s family film rehashes JJ Abrams’ pleasingly retro Super 8 using herky-jerky footage, supposedly captured by the children involved. It’s a gimmick that results in a spew of ugly, hard-to-watch images; audiences who like to…