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Richard Alston celebrates Benjamin Britten in 2013 winter tour

21 Oct 2013

The programme will include brand new piece Holderlin Fragments alongside reworkings of older pieces

The centenary of Benjamin Britten’s birth has prompted celebrations in concert halls and theatres across the globe. But one man who never needs an excuse to work with the music of the late British composer, is Richard Alston. ‘I’ve always had a passion…

Touring show Made at Sadler's Wells showcases three pieces developed at the dance company

14 Oct 2013

The show features pieces from Russell Maliphant, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Wayne McGregor

From the outside, Sadler’s Wells is a theatre just like any other, inviting audiences in to see an ever-changing programme of work. But it’s what goes on behind the scenes that makes the place so special to the dance world. The north London institution…

Misadventures in Wonderland: Burlesque with Gypsy Charms

23 Sep 2013

Female empowerment vs smug stripping? Our intrepid columnist Alice White tries a burlesque class

What was I expecting? I presumed this was just going to be another fresh hell which List HQ was going to put me through. I’ve never been interested in burlesque because it’s always seemed like smug stripping. I was expecting it to be bitchy and snooty…

Preview: Beyonce dancer Ebony Williams on her work with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet

23 Sep 2013

Williams will join the company in performing pieces by Jiří Kylián, Jo Strømgren and Crystal Pite

Walking through Manhattan can feel like you’ve stumbled onto a film set, especially when the lines between fiction and reality start to blur, as happened with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in 2011. Chosen by the makers of The Adjustment Bureau as the…

The best upcoming dance events in Scotland for autumn 2013

20 Sep 2013

Scottish Ballet, BalletBoyz, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and National Dance Company of Wales

Once upon a time, ballet used to equal starched tutus, tight buns (on the women’s heads) and incomprehensible narrative miming. These days, as Robin Thicke would say, there are a lot of blurred lines. Four companies with ‘ballet’ in their title play…

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The Genée International Ballet Competition to be held in Scotland for the first time in 2013

18 Sep 2013

The prestigious dance contest will be judged by Kevin O'Hare, Christopher Hampson and Darcey Bussell

As judging panels go, it’s a bit of a dream team. Stepping out in front of Royal Ballet director Kevin O’Hare, Scottish Ballet’s artistic director, Christopher Hampson, and the UK’s favourite prima ballerina, Darcey Bussell is something most young…

Interview: choreographer Christopher Hampson on his 'brutal' Rites of Spring

18 Sep 2013

The Stravinsky-inspired piece is part of Scottish Ballet's autumn double-bill

A bare white stage, minimal costume and just three dancers. On paper, Christopher Hampson’s The Rite of Spring looks a little underwhelming. In reality, it’s one of the most powerful pieces of dance you’ll see on a Scottish stage this year. A…

Barrowland Ballet to debut two versions of same show for kids and adults

16 Sep 2013

Tiger and Tiger Tale incorporate similar elements for two very different audiences

Natasha Gilmore was reading to her two young children when the idea came to her. Why not create two dance works with the same subject matter and similar title, but perform them to completely different audiences? ‘I’m really interested in how children…

Don Quichotte Du Trocadéro

30 Aug 20134 stars

A balancing act of dance and physical comedy Edinburgh International Festival

José Montalvo is a choreographer who likes fusion; and as if to make sure we get this idea early on, Don Quichotte's opening solo mixes hip-hop ripples, flamenco wrists, ballet poses and the burlesque humour that will go on to characterise this take on…

Dance Odysseys at the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival

30 Aug 20134 stars

An immersing four-day journey through dance

Sometimes it's nice to just dip your toe into the Edinburgh International Festival, other times it's fun to dive right in for full immersion. Happily last weekend's Scottish Ballet-led Dance Odysseys allowed audiences to do either, or indeed something…

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Interview: Composer Nico Muhly on his role in artistic collective LA Dance

22 Aug 2013

Collective perform at Edinburgh International Festival 2013

‘New York City is kind of like the Edinburgh Festival in August,’ composer Nico Muhly is explaining. ‘Except it doesn’t quit. There’s so much going on, great stuff – but it can get overwhelming at times.’ Muhly is familiar with that nagging F.O.M.O.

A guide to Glasgow's new Riverside Festival of electronic music 2013

22 Aug 2013

Guests include Jamie XX, Boys Noize, Len Faki, J Rocc, Josh Wink and Michael Mayer

“At an all-day event like this, people will be much more open to different styles of music and because the bill’s not specifically targeting one type of crowd it has the potential to draw people in from different scenes; I think it's always better when…

Acclaimed comic actor Patrice Thibaud teams up with Jose Montalvo for Don Quichotte

21 Aug 2013

The famed Spanish novel is being transformed into a comedic dance piece for the EIF 2013

If he lived in the UK, it’s safe to say Patrice Thibaud would be a busy man each December. An acclaimed comic actor in his native France, Thibaud’s style lends itself perfectly to pantomime – which is why Jose Montalvo’s new show is pulling in audiences…

A Simple Space

21 Aug 20134 stars

Up-close acrobatic thrills from Australian company Gravity & Other Myths

Hailing from South Australia, Gravity & Other Myths is a wonderfully strong, fit young company who want the audience to be close enough to see the pleasurable prowess, and the occasional strains or tensions, underlying their acrobatic games.

It Needs Horses / Home for Broken Turns

21 Aug 20133 stars

Dance company Lost Dog's double bill explores feral and civilised behaviour

The same wayward energy runs through both pieces of this double-bill, as dance company Lost Dog probes the things that make us civilised and turn us savage. Home for Broken Turns takes place in a strange, almost pastoral landscape. From the sparse…

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21 Aug 20134 stars

Heartbreaking tribute from dancer Giulio D'Anna to his father

Simple beginnings give little indication of the painful honesty to come in Italian choreographer Giulio D’Anna’s love letter to his 63-year-old father, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. By the end of the show, both men will have mirrored…

Spiltmilk Say Dance

21 Aug 20133 stars

An informative and entertaining mash-up of old-school social dances with incongruous backing music

This show by Spiltmilk Dance is as much about education as it is entertainment. Did you know that the twist was the first social dance that didn’t need a partner? Or that the hand jive came about so people could dance in busy bars? All this and more…

YurtaKids: Unleashed

21 Aug 20132 stars

Scarlattine Teatro's dance piece for under-5s lacks structure

Given that human beings are said to develop more between birth and the age of five than at any other point in our lives, creating a show that appeals to everyone in that age bracket is a task-and-a-half. And sitting next to those kids, of course, is an…


20 Aug 20134 stars

Extraordinary dance solo through turmoil and grace, by Russian performer Olga Kosterina

Hill Street Theatre is flying solo this Fringe, offering a programme consisting entirely of shows with one performer. But while the monologue is familiar festival fodder, it’s rarer to see a dancer command the theatre alone for a full hour. Enter…

Five choreographers discuss their contribution to Scottish Ballet's Dance Odysseys

16 Aug 2013

The EIF performance features new works from James Cousins, Martin Lawrance and Kristen McNally

James Cousins Which companies did you dance with before moving into choreography? Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, then as a freelance performer with choreographers such as Marc Brew and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. When did you know that you wanted to…

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Husband and wife team YMAP give dance a new look Madame Freedom

16 Aug 2013

Hyo Jin Kim and Hyung Su Kim blend live performance with striking visuals

While some dance shows at this year’s Edinburgh International Festival are going for the stripped back and bare approach, YMAP (Your Media Arts Project) is taking its performance to the opposite extreme. Named after the 1957 Korean film of the same…

The Lock In

16 Aug 20135 stars

The Demon Barbers' hip hop and folk fusion raises the roof

Oh to be locked up in a pub with this lot. Some shows demonstrate great skill and technique, some offer strong musicianship, and some create the kind of atmosphere and energy that leaves you high on life. The Lock In does all three. Going out on a…

Ménage à Trois

16 Aug 20134 stars

Claire Cunningham’s dance piece is an ode to love not yet found

Claire Cunningham’s exploration of her 20-year relationship with crutches is a bold piece of theatre. Not because Cunningham brings to the stage a style of dance that many won’t have seen before, but because she shares her own feelings about her…

Out of His Skin

16 Aug 20133 stars

2Faced Dance Company explore dark side of life

Each time 2Faced Dance Company returns to the Fringe, it has stepped up a gear. From a slightly immature start, it has blossomed into a professional company with strong dance technique and ambitious ideas. But in some ways, Out of His Skin is a bit too…


9 Aug 20135 stars

Recklessly beautiful runaway magic

NoFit State Circus is by its own admission ‘turning savage’ in this big top spectacular, directed by Firenza Guidi aided by a team of designers. Anarchy is the order of the day; live music capers brassily up and down, performers gabble away to each…