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24 Aug 20094 stars

Moving dance exploration of women’s roles

This solo performance piece created by the Sanpapié theatre-dance company opens with a women sitting in a kitchen-like space munching on popcorn, a faraway look in her eyes. From time to time, props and bits of costume are fired out of a wardrobe at the…

Up and Over It!

23 Aug 20094 stars

Irish dance finds a new direction

Just as shows such as Riverdance sought to release Irish dancing from the steely grip of the competitive circuit, this entertaining hour seeks to liberate the form yet further. Dancers Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding have toured the world, won every…

Kataklo Athletic Dance Theatre's Love Machines

23 Aug 20092 stars

Athletic dance without depth

Love Machines provides evidence that a good concept and strong technique is not enough. Based on the works of Leonardo da Vinci, and apparently set in an underground cave inhabited by strange creatures, Kataklo throw together kitsch costumes, a poor…

Dance hitlist

23 Aug 2009

Everything Must Go, Flhip Flhop: Everything Happens on the Break, Michael Clark, Scottish Ballet, Zeitgeist

Brazilian Fever

23 Aug 20092 stars

Hot Latin moves fail to ignite a proper fire

You can’t help but feel cheated by this show. Promising to be a ‘Brazilian cabaret variety show fusing samba, funk, afro and jazz dance routines with theatrical and seductive compositions’, it’s more of a sparse two-woman routine taking place in an old…

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Scottish Ballet

23 Aug 2009

Three diverse works from our national ballet company, all of which will put these increasingly powerful dancers to the test. Reportedly his own personal favourite, Sir Frederick Ashton’s Scenes de Ballet opens the night with style and sophistication.

Hitlist: Around Town

21 Aug 2009

The best events, books and LGBT

Sheep Heid Inn Summer’s End Beer Festival, Launch of SEEDBOM, Bletherheads, Jeffrey Lewis’ Watchmen, Handmade Heaven, Mary Brennan, Dead Girls’ Dance Club

Let's Dance: Michael Clark Company

21 Aug 2009

With Bowie on the soundtrack, Clark's new work is the flagship show of the EIF's dance programme

When you’re the closest thing the dance world has to a household name, every word you say, work you create and mistake you make is documented and kept for posterity. Despite turning 47 in June, Michael Clark is still dogged by the term ‘enfant…

The List Festival Awards: 2009

21 Aug 2009

From chicken sex to naked puppets

Our annual awards for the most interesting and unique shows out there.

One Up One Down

21 Aug 20093 stars

Single consumerist satire, GSOH, seeks breathing space

Natasha Gilmore’s latest work continues her crusade to create accessible, comic-tinged dance-theatre that engages with contemporary issues. This is a satire on the pressures of consumer culture on women, with three impossibly lovely, pink-clad dancers…

Everything Must Go (or the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles)

21 Aug 20094 stars

Dad, in drag, in memoriam

It says on the programme notes that this show is a labour of love, and it is. Kristin Fredricksson’s father Karl was a hurdler, a ballet dancer, a drag enthusiast, a comic, a creator of characters, and a hoarder. He died of cancer in June this year; and…