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10 Oct 20163 stars

Tom Hanks resumes his role as Robert Langdon in Ron Howard's third Dan Brown adaptation

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard reunite for a third time as Dan Brown's Robert Langdon returns to the big screen. After the huge disappointments that were The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, hopes aren't exactly sky-high. Fortunately, Inferno has some…

Tom Hanks cast in new Dan Brown film Inferno

17 Jul 2013

Film gossip

Tom Hanks is back for the next Dan Brown movie 'Inferno'. The 57-year-old actor was expected to return as Harvard University symbologist Robert Langdon for the adaptation of 'The Lost Symbol', the third novel in the thriller series best known for…

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26 Aug 2009

Dan Brown The Lost Symbol You may have heard of his last book, The Finchley Coat or something. Bob Langdon is back with more ‘history, codes and intrigue’. Some copies are expected to be sold. Bantam Press. James Patterson Alex Cross’s Trial…