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Going underground: best of Scotland's new underground, DIY and self-released music

4 Feb 2019

Featuring Cucina Povera, Luki and Graham Costello's STRATA

How to follow a debut as beautiful and fully-formed as Hilja? On ZOOM, Cucina Povera, aka Maria Rossi, shrugs off the weight of expectation by releasing 'a verité collection of situational recordings'...

The Hot 100 2018: 30–21

1 Nov 2018

Ashley Storrie, Hannah Rarity and Sarra Wild are among our favourite cultural contributors this year

Without a doubt, 2018 has been a year of incredible female activism and empowerment. From #MeToo and Time's Up to the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which gave some women the vote, the various events of this year have renewed…

Cucina Povera – Hilja

5 Feb 20185 stars

Stunning debut from Glasgow's Maria Rossi

Cucina Povera, aka Finnish-born musician and artist Maria Rossi, has been active on the Glasgow underground scene for a while, but her recorded output has been sparse. A smart move; Hilja is one of the most striking debuts I've heard in some time, an…

The Hot 100: who to watch out for in 2018

1 Nov 2017

We pick out those whose doings in 2017 suggest a very exciting year is ahead

Every year, there are people, organisations, venues and more that don't quite make our Hot 100 list but who we believe are worth keeping an eye on in the coming year. A list as fiercely debated as this one can't of course include every creative project…

On the horizon: emerging Scottish musicians you need to hear

1 Sep 2017

Watch out for these talented music-makers

You might already be familiar with many of Scotland's fine musical exports but as a country with so many exciting bands and musicians making innovative and interesting music all the time, there are always new discoveries to be made.