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CBeebies comedy duo Andy and Mike talk about their Tick Tock Time Machine

23 Jul 2012

Comedy duo swap CBeebies for time travel

‘If you mix Back to the Future with The Mighty Boosh and Goonies, you get a glimpse of where we wanted to go,’ says CBeebies presenter Andy Day, co-star of Andy and Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine. The follow-up to 2009’s Box of Bananas, this new show was…

Dying of laughter: Shows about death at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

11 Jul 2012

Dead funny Fringe has comedians inspecting death from every angle

Earlier this year, William Shatner made the headlines by advising that he might die onstage in his new one-man show. His life-threatening sales pitch was a literal one: at 80, the former Star Trek legend admitted that embarking on regular 100-minute…

Jay Foreman: We're Living in the Future

23 Aug 20113 stars

Exploration of pop-culture future-shock via acoustic ditty

London stand-up bard Foreman uses the medium of acoustic ditty to explore pop-culture future-shock and his prevailing quarter-life crisis. His observations on technological progress and modern times are agreeable, but he’s better when contrasting his…


19 Aug 20113 stars

Accomplished but light sketching

There’s no doubting the talent on offer in Jigsaw. The rapid-fire sketch trio comprises stand-ups Dan Antopolski, Tom Craine and Nat Luurtsema and thus boasts a triple Perrier nominee, a Times Top Five 2010 winner and a Chortle best nominee…

Andrew Lawrence - The Best Kept Secret in Comedy Tour

18 Aug 20114 stars

Mirthful and delicious kamikaze comedy

Coming on like a poetic auctioneer or a wayward racing commentator, Andrew Lawrence variously channels the guises of his grandmother, a fitness buff, a middle-aged man, a whining Scottish wean and a long-lost Trinidadian relation. All the while he…

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Seann Walsh: Ying and Young

16 Aug 20113 stars

A casual yet potent force

Observational livewire Walsh is a casual yet potent force for laughs when he riffs on the generic habits and quirks that characterise our day-to-day - from experiencing déjà vu to losing the remote control - and his idea for a late-night pissed-up TV…

Biscuit and Brawn

15 Aug 20112 stars

Strong chemistry but weak laughs from the comedy duo

Comedy duo Adele Cliff and Kate Cherrell have been performing respectively as Biscuit and Brawn for over two years and this works in their favour: the young duo’s chemistry goes some way to redeeming a mixed bag of sketches and monologues which work…

Joanna Neary: Youth Club

14 Aug 20112 stars

A period piece with confusing threads

Have we finally wrung out the vestiges of 80s nostalgia? Joanna Neary’s latest show, Youth Club, suggests that this may be the case. Neary is a likeable comic actress, a former Perrier Best Newcomer nominee, and a familiar TV face to viewers of Armando…

Keith Farnan: Money, Money, Money

12 Aug 20113 stars

Well-informed monologue about money

Irish stand-up Keith Farnan has a lively stage presence and off-the-cuff style, with a congenial, raggedy appearance that is equal parts Bee Gee and Celtic Jesus. Such up-beat charisma serves Farnan well for his wandering, socially-conscious…

Colm O’Regan: Dislike! A Facebook Guide to Crisis

8 Aug 20114 stars

Funny and informative social networking guide to Irish history

When it comes to Ireland, what O’Regan does not discuss is not worth knowing. His social networking guide to Irish history and economics embraces themes like sandwich culture, national identity, Mills and Boon, skyscraper sexuality, Rapunzel’s weight…

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David Morgan: Triple Threat

8 Aug 20113 stars

Show taking in musical theatre, childhood bullying and homophobia

Subverting a popular football reference (‘Running, Passing, Kicking’) for the amateur dramatic variant (‘Actor, Singer, Dancer’), Morgan goes heavy on musical theatre and high-camp tropes, which juxtapose with his accounts of childhood bullying and…

The best upcoming events in Scotland in 2011

3 Jan 2011

Highlights of the 2011 cultural calandar from Film, Music, Comedy, Theatre and Visual Art

Huge gigs, inspiring theatre productions, comedy legends and two cute little waving bears – just a few of the things coming up in ‘11 that we can barely contain our excitement about

The Hot 100 2010 - Mark Millar, Kevin Bridges and Alasdair Gray take top 3 spots

16 Dec 2010

Our annual chart of the top creatives in Scotland

The Hot 100 is a list of Scots who’ve made a sizeable creative splash in 2010. It includes musicians, artists, writers, actors, fashion designers, technological innovators, shop owners, festival directors, record label heads and one mad cyclist.

The Unexpected Items

25 Aug 20104 stars

A spirited rabble of punning linguists

The Unexpected Items is a spirited rabble of punning linguists who embellish their clever, feel-good sketches with satirical pop songs and spontaneous dance moves. The Oxford troupe’s tributes to Alan Rickman and Carol Ann Duffy are ebullient, while…

Mary Barrel is Really Good at Things

23 Aug 20102 stars

Over-excited, part-improvised but tediously goofy life skills ‘seminar’

LA comic and playwright Carrie Barrett is disconcertingly convincing in her role as hyper-dork Mary Barrel, an annoying, awkward 13-year-old who’s obsessed with best friends, sleepovers and party invites (or her lack thereof). Her over-excited…

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Tom Wrigglesworth

18 Aug 20102 stars

A disconnected dispatch about nuptials

Affable Yorkshire stand-up Tom Wrigglesworth might have won fans and critical praise for last year’s Open Return Letter to Richard Branson, but he fails to gain more than a few polite laughs for his latest chronicle, Nightmare Dream Wedding. Based…


18 Aug 20103 stars

A hip hop celebration of everyday lives

Sure, they’re ‘the seventh biggest rap act in Ireland’, but hip hop comics Abandoman are quick to append two critical caveats. The first is that Jedward are four places above them in the relevant (and fairly bizarre) newspaper countdown. The second is…

Checkley Bush

18 Aug 20103 stars

A bawdy, musical realm

Checkley Bush is a bawdy, musical realm in which Cher and Liza Minnelli are housewives, Peter Andre is a pop avenger, and an imminent visit by Sandi Toksvig equals front-page news. Actors Laura Checkley and Victoria Bush cavort through sketches, film…

Eric’s Laws of the Land

18 Aug 20102 stars

Clichés about football, TV and women’s toilets

Interactive stand-up Eric has some half-baked plans to upturn UK legislation. His targets are sometimes vaguely diverting (Radio 1 should re-think its vocabulary) or mildly amusing (stone-cladding should be a capital offence). But the upshot is less a…

Miles Jupp

18 Aug 20104 stars

Wonderful, funny and moving

Jupp is a thoroughly endearing storyteller, stand-up and cricket fetishist. The former Balamory actor’s account of how he posed as a journalist and toured India with the England team (and some familiar sports celebs) is wonderful, funny and moving. It…

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Pete Firman

18 Aug 20103 stars

A cross between Paul Daniels and Vernon Kay

Firman’s old-school spectacle of party magic, wit and mock-sorcery is droll, if not dumbfounding. The comic-wizard’s deadpan hang-up with ‘mystery’ might align Alan Partridge with the Magic Circle (an exotic range of tricks and props includes The Flying…

Holly Burn

16 Aug 20103 stars

Vivid, boundless and contagious

Burn’s awkward, absurd and occasionally hilarious routines are enlivened by recurring delights like the DIY musical theatre of Jason the Very Rich Lion and the kitchen-sink surrealism of super-villain Custard Flanagan. The Newcastle comic offers an…

Comedy Bitch

10 Aug 20104 stars

Intelligent, surreal and original

The terms ‘television’ and ‘Comedy Bitch’ are often uttered in the same breath and no wonder. Their pastiches of pop culture’s favourite genres - horror, espionage, period drama – are intelligent, surreal and original, and their nostalgic incidental…

Kate Fox - Kate Fox News

8 Aug 20102 stars

A slow news day

Comic poet and newshound Kate Fox sure knows how to sell a story. Her true-life rhymes are plotted out through a series of quirky, attention-grabbing hooks in her show, Kate Fox News: she absconded with a gun-runner, was a gangster’s moll and…

Hip hop parodist Doc Brown

6 Aug 20103 stars

Sometimes laboured, but poignant, moving, and convincing

There are three things you should know about London’s hip hop parodist Doc Brown. One: he’s superstar author Zadie Smith’s little brother. Two: he’s had several brushes with pop success, having toured with De La Soul and Mark Ronson. Three: more than…