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Fredrik Lloyd

24 Aug 20091 star

Blessed with neither presence nor charisma

You can see what Lloyd was aiming for with this unlikely account of bionic boy turned super featherweight cage fighter. He's meant to represent, rather than actually embody, a deluded waif holding court with tall tales and a YouTube fixation, but the…

Daniel Rigby

24 Aug 20093 stars

Frenzied and wilfully bizarre one-man character sketch show

Despite the musical pieces proving fresh and genuinely funny, there is something classically British about Rigby's frenzied and wilfully bizarre character sketch show. The forceful pace brings a certain shambolic charm to proceedings; indeed we could…

Sarah Bennetto

24 Aug 20092 stars

Rarely sparks hilarity

An early show and intimate venue work against confessional tales that cry out for a little hubbub to soak up the fluctuations in pitch and smooth over some of the timing. Aussie Bennetto's golden ticket endeavours thus often ring true but rarely spark…

Sammy J: 1999

20 Aug 20093 stars

Swapping puppets for pubescence

Melbourne’s smutty answer to Andrew Lloyd Webber returns with a tongue-in-cheek one-man musical set in the run-up to the millennium. With explicit references to the Y2K bug, Tamagotchis and Toy Story 2, he’s swapped puppeteer partner Heath McIvor (with…

Sam Simmons

19 Aug 20093 stars

Lacking in spontaneity but his methods are inventive

For his Fringe debut, the Australian puts his all into a song-and-goof show about the things you find down the back of the sofa. His absurdist observations may be lacking in spontaneity but his methods are inventive and being from the ‘if in doubt…

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Rosie Wilby

18 Aug 20093 stars

Wry and naughty

Like a cool, knowing family friend or easy-on-the-eye Claire Rayner, the affable Wilby leads this homely class in love, sex and relationships. Wry and naughty, Wilby’s wont is rapport over bluster, as she kindly takes the audience into her bosom…

Ava Vidal

18 Aug 20093 stars

A refreshingly laidback, conversational style

Having made brief forays onto the goggle box, it is a surprise to find Vidal tucked away in front of a modest audience. Race and gender material delivered in a refreshingly laidback, conversational style makes for a cosy but hardly memorable set and…

Charlie Chuck

16 Aug 20094 stars

A rare audience with original comedy nutjob

Did anyone else bury deep the memory of Charlie Chuck’s shambolic, barking contributions to the careers of Reeves and Mortimer? As the familiar hangdog horror drifts stage-wards, one is struck by the realisation that you’re all paying to spend an hour…

As You Were

23 Aug 20073 stars

Packing them in for their observational stand-up, tag-team Roger Hailes and Todd Womack and have caused quite a stir with a simple comedy club format, welcoming an alternative Fringe guest each night (on this occasion the sublimely smutty guitar duo…

Take A Whiff of . . . Turpentine

23 Aug 20071 star

In an age of the supreme surrealist banter of the Mighty Boosh and twisted tales of The League of Gentlemen, the staged interplay between John Canfield and Richard Hutchison seems somewhat tired and awfully tame. The sketch-driven duo is at pains to…

Rebus McTaggart

16 Aug 20073 stars

Ecclefechan’s one-man law spree returns with a new set with the plaudits from last year’s Fringe having gone straight to Rebus McTaggart’s head. Happily, the same couldn’t be said of character comic Richard Thomson. Presenting a similar premise to the…

Daniel Townes

9 Aug 20072 stars

This charming London-based Aussie’s set is built loosely around his detention and deportation from an LA airport for an apparently negligible misdemeanour, an encounter that offers him some considerable mileage. With the air of one of your funnier pals…

Ivor Dembina

9 Aug 20073 stars

Free fun with a lewd slant

Those looking for some high-minded cultural reference may not get the tagline for Ivor Dembina’s show: Jewish Comedy: Free At Last. If truth be told, the veteran Jewish comic has something of a penchant for the age-old anti-Semitic stereotype of the…