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Catriona Knox Thinks She's Hard Enough

4 Aug 20144 stars

High-octane character frenzy from seasoned sketch pro at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

As Catriona Knox bounds around the stage, greeting her audience like a kangaroo on acid, you wonder how she’ll have the energy left for an hour-long show. But energised she is, firing full throttle through a clutch of characters, with the gallus pace…


4 Aug 20143 stars

Edinburgh Festival Fringe sketch show set in a crazy, inconsistent world populated by eccentrics

You’ve gotta love the Fringe and where it can take you. Here, we’ve followed a bee through a portal and arrived in the parallel universe of zazU: a big crazy world with an awfully small mentality. There’s much to like, as this talented quartet create a…

Bulletproof with Shazia Mirza

3 Aug 20142 stars

Weak, underdeveloped material let down this Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedy show

Head count and pithy one liner about the proximity of audience to stage exhausted, this smart columnist and occasional funny lady begins. From the off, it’s a shaky opening premise. Mirza had to buy a bulletproof vest, you see, for a show she was doing…

Aidan Moffat, Cora Bissett and more contribute to Commonwealth Games 2014 arts programme

29 Aug 2013

Kieran Hurley, Janey Godley, Stephen Deazley, Random Accomplice and Paul Fegan also involved

As Glasgow launches its cultural programme for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, we round up a handful of highlights on the starting block

Briefs: The Second Coming

21 Aug 20133 stars

Aerial trickery, vaudeville, smuttiness and muscles combine for a brilliant bonkers show

Elaborate dick pouches, man-dogs and defecation are just some of the high – and low – lights of a Briefs show, as occasionally brilliant as it is totally bonkers. A fabulous Priscilla, Queen of the Desert-inspired opening sets the tone for an all-male…

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Full programme announced for Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

30 May 2013

New shows from Ontroerend Goed, Michael Nyman and Brendon Burns among highlights

After a month of being drip fed nuggets, the full Fringe feast has been revealed, with a whopping 2,871 shows performed by 24,107 artists in 273 venues across Edinburgh up for grabs. From X-rated puppet musicals and guerrilla style pop-ups to the London…

Bob Downe . . . Smokin'

22 Aug 20122 stars

Style over substance

From the minute he pirouettes onto stage all 70s gear, mega-watt grin and fake blonde hair, it’s clear Aussie’s ‘clown prince of polyester’ is having a ball, as he knocks out one karaoke hit after another and embarks on some name-that-tune competitions.

Man 1 Bank 0

17 Aug 20123 stars

Patrick Combs takes on the money men

Half the challenge of putting on a great show at the Fringe is about finding a great story, and Patrick Combs certainly has that. Better still, it’s true. A young man, with a sea of credit card debt, deposits a $95,093.35 junk mail cheque into his local…

Holly Burn: The H Club

11 Aug 20123 stars

Eccentric sketches imbued with a liberating lack of reason

To say that Holly Burn is a bit bonkers, is like saying Edinburgh gets a bit busy during August. A familiar face on the Fringe scene, Burn’s barmy Geordie shtick seems to bemuse, confuse -- and when she hits the right note -- amuse her audience in equal…

The Life and Sort of Death of Eric Argyle

8 Aug 20124 stars

Savvy set design and excellent soundtrack in provoking limbo-land tragicomedy

Eric Argyle died at 11.42am two days ago; yet here he is, heart aching, mind racing in a confusing laboratory-cum-limbo-land. The Life and Sort... is another highly accomplished piece from the team behind last year’s success Minute After Midday. 15th…

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Josh Widdicombe

7 Aug 20124 stars

Fast-rising funnyman entertains with acute observational humour

‘The Guardian called me a geezer today’ announces Josh Widdicombe, as he wanders onto the stage, looking less ‘Geez a go’, more shaggy-haired boy next door. ‘So watch it, or I’ll knife you and that.’ He laughs, we laugh. If this fast-rising funnyman…


6 Aug 20123 stars

Nostalgic yet brave tale of a comedian past his prime, starring Les Dennis

It’s a brave man who takes on the role of an ageing, fading comedian. Braver still, if you’re Les Dennis – as well known for his Family Fortunes success, as his more recent foray into the dismal world of Celebrity Big Brother. Both are swiftly…

Milo McCabe: Kenny Moon This is Your Life

6 Aug 20123 stars

Bemusing character comedy from Milo and his dad

It’s all a bit barmy in the Gilded Balloon’s Billiard Room, as character chameleon Milo McCabe brings his unique brand of funny to this year’s Fringe. Irish comedy legend Kenny Moon (played by McCabe’s real-life father and New Faces star, Mike McCabe…

Lie. Cheat. Steal. Confessions of a Real Hustler

5 Aug 20122 stars

Slightly underwhelming show from Paul Wilson, writer and star of BBC3'S The Real Hustle

It’s a tricky old business recreating small screen success on the theatre stage, but Paul Wilson, writer and star of BBC3’s The Real Hustle handles it with reasonable gusto, albeit in a far more confined environment. It was The Sting movie, which…

Andrew Doyle does Whatever It Takes

3 Aug 20123 stars

'Bad Catholic' Doyle's has prayers answered

Former teacher and ‘predatory’ homosexual Andrew Doyle has all the makings of a class act. Having doled out cards asking us what we think is ‘most likely to turn on’ our fellow audience members, he’s off on a rambunctious verbal riot of smarts and…

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Lucy Porter - People Person

3 Aug 20122 stars

All sugar no spice: grit lacking from nice girl performance

Yes, yes: it’s easy to knock the nice girl act. But as her fans will attest, that’s exactly what Lucy Porter is. Far from ripping off the shackles of her ‘lovely wee lass’ persona, Porter embraces it with People Person. Back on the Fringe scene after a…

The most infamous Fringe controversies

22 May 2012

As the Edinburgh Fringe launches its 2012 programme we recall some of our favourite Fringe scandals

Festival sinners As the Edinburgh Fringe launches its 2012 programme we recall some of our favourite Fringe controversies Kangaroo Theatre raised religious sensitivities in 2006 when the company staged the notoriously scandalous sex scenes of DH…

Interview: Zach Braff, writer, director and star of All New People

2 Feb 2012

The Scrubs and Garden State star discusses his new theatre production

‘I’m still Jenny from the block,’ says Zach Braff after a moment’s reflection. ‘Even now I feel a bit underground in the acting world.’ For those who enjoyed Braff (and 20 million viewers around the world did) as the lovable JD in US comedy drama…

The Muppets' most memorable moments

1 Feb 2012

A gallery of clips from our favourite frog and his friends

The Muppets have a string of movies to their names already, including The Muppet Movie, The Muppets Christmas Carol, The Muppets Take Manhattan, and The Great Muppet Caper. Never ones to shirk away from serious film, darling, they’ve also had cameos in…

Jemima Levick on Steel Magnolias revival

1 Feb 2012

The theatre director aims to retain the humour and tenderness of Robert Harling's original script

‘I would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special,’ says Dolly Parton as brassy hairdresser Truvy in the 1989 film adaptation of Steel Magnolias. The country singer led a cast of big name Hollywood hitters that included…

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Hot 100 2011 - No. 49 to 1

16 Dec 2011

The definitive list of Scottish creative talent

The Hot 100 is the definitive list of Scottish creative talent. From fashion designers to performance artists, everyone who has made a sizeable splash in 2011 has a place in this countdown. It’s for people who’ve created a buzz, but it’s also about…


23 Aug 20113 stars

Hyper, pop comedy lacks some focus

Even the most precious mainstream music-lover should raise a smile at a mash-up of Radiohead, Lady Gaga, Madonna and The Doors, as pop princess Pistol and sex, drugs and rock’n’roller Jack tell tales. Not consistently funny enough to be great comedy and…

Rich Hall

23 Aug 20113 stars

Political bashings a definite highlight

With his gravelly drawl and laidback delivery, Hall is easy company. His American/‘Scots’ comparisons have a crowd-pleasing ring, so too a funny skit about bears (particularly the Yogi variety), but his political musings and reflections on the world’s…

Humphrey Ker is Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher!

16 Aug 20114 stars

Swashbuckling success story

As part of Fringe staple trio and Radio 4 stars The Penny Dreadfuls, Humphrey Ker offered audiences something of a theatrical comedy masterclass. Here, he flies solo in swashbuckling style. It’s 1943 and war’s most unlikely hero, Dymock Watson, has been…

Wil Hodgson

16 Aug 20113 stars

Sharp comedy about life as he knows it

Gone is the pink Mohawk of yesteryear, in is some sharp (albeit not of the razor kind) comedy from this year’s ‘Care Bear-loving skinhead’, as our affable host spraffs lyrical about life as he knows it, from his friends down the pub to tits, cider and a…