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Edinburgh Fringe Festival comedy shows to look out for in 2011

9 Jun 2011

Margaret Cho, Todd Barry and Imran Yusuf among 2011 ones to watch

Down List way, we’ve just about recovered from the devastating news that there will be no sign this year of Bo Burnham, Jonny Sweet, Tommy Tiernan or Pappys. But if you think that kind of comedic void can be filled by this year’s galaxy of acts, then…

How to find work at the Edinburgh Festival 2011

3 Jun 2011

How to find a job at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011

Thousands of people descend upon Edinburgh at this time of year for the start of festival season and now is the time to begin your search for a job within the buzzing excitement. In a study carried out last year it found that 71% of volunteers had an…

Kim Cattrall, star of Sex and the City, discusses her new film Meet Monica Velour

27 May 2011

Indie comedy about an aging porn star is set to screen at the EIFF

‘To have a role like this in your fifties is quite extraordinary,’ says Kim Cattrall, who is 53 and has made a virtue of playing sexy older women in a business that refuses to equate the one with the other. ‘When Meet Monica Velour showed at the Tribeca…

Profile: Philip Seymour Hoffman, director and star of Jack Goes Boating

27 May 2011

The much-respected actor screens his directorial debut at the EIFF

Born Fairport, New York, 23 July 1967. Background Known as the ‘character actor’s character actor’, Hoffman has been a jobbing actor since the early 1990s. After playing bit parts in television shows, shorts and features, Hoffman got his breakthrough…


23 May 20114 stars

Kristen Wiig writes and stars in sharp Apatow comedy

(15) 125min Kristen Wiig (Adventureland, Whip It!) comes close to grasping the comedy crown from her Saturday Night Live colleague Tina Fey with this hilarious reinvigoration of the chick flick. As co-writer and star, Wiig disposes of traditional…

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Burnistoun - Series 1

23 May 20114 stars

Iain Connell and Robert Florence revive the sketch show format with aplomb

(2entertain) Amid the painful nonsense that masquerades under the banner ‘comedy sketch show’, it’s a truly remarkable surprise to have a show like Burnistoun on our very doorsteps. The series is largely owned by Iain Connell and Robert Florence, two…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011 - sneak preview

23 May 2011

Liberace, Finnish a capella groups and iPad fairy tales just some of the coming attractions

Whether it’s origami genitalia, homosexual deities or political commentary on the Lockerbie bombing, Edinburgh’s Fringe seldom arrives with a whimper but rather a ruddy great roar. June sees the official launch of 2011’s line-up, but we thought we…

Five interesting things about... Dylan Moran

23 May 2011

Irish comedian shares hometown with Tommy Tiernan and Pierce Brosnan

1 Irishman Moran has been living in Edinburgh for some years now, but is originally from Navan, a small, five-lettered palindromic town, like Kivik in Sweden or Catac in Peru. Tiny it may be (according to the 2006 census, 3710 people resided there) but…

John Cleese - interview

23 May 2011

The legendary ex-Python talks to us ahead of his wide-ranging Alimony Tour

Condemned to perform until he dies, till he is an ex-Python, till he has ceased to be, John Cleese is remarkably sanguine about his current Alimony Tour, necessitated by the comedy legend’s $20m divorce from his third wife. A retrospective of his life…


23 May 20114 stars

Cult director Gregg Araki returns to his B-movie roots with comedy-sci-fi-horror

(15) 86min Cult director Gregg Araki (The Living End, Mysterious Skin), one of the leading figures in the New Queer Cinema of the 90s, returns to the style of his earlier work for Kaboom, a gloriously trashy, insane ride of a film that wears its…


23 May 20114 stars

Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu star in playful French comedy

(15) 103 min Catherine Deneuve has a gift of a role in this deliciously subversive farce from the prolific François Ozon. Deneuve is Suzanne, the ‘potiche’ or trophy wife, blithely content to be a domestic goddess in the shadow of insufferable…


23 May 20112 stars

Disney comedy is bland and generic tween fluff, starring Aimee Teegarden and Thomas McDonell

(U) 103min After the huge success of the High School Musical franchise, Disney have been quick to cash in on the teen genre, and Prom is based on another event from the school calendar upon which it hangs a familiar story. But despite the assured…


17 May 20113 stars

Gerard Depardieu stars in road trip comedy

(15) 92min Directors Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern have shown a talent to amuse with politically-incorrect, deadpan delights like Aaltra (2004) and Louise-Michel (still awaiting a Scottish cinema release). Mammuth offers more of the same with…

My Comedy Hero: Andi Osho on her comedy idols - Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy

17 May 2011

My comedy heroes are always changing. I remember Jackie Mason being big in this country for a while and other influences have been Jack Dee and Victoria Wood. And Russell Brand was for a spell, but now that he’s moved off into a different sphere of…