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House Cabaret

18 Aug 2010

Getting up close and personal has never been easier with a personalised performance from your house. Host your very own cabaret at your own venue with your own friends. For one night only, a small troupe of dedicated cabaret artists arrives at your…

Comedians you might know from TV at the Fringe 2010

3 Aug 2010

Five faces from the telly making a beeline for the stage

Alex Zane He’s the cheeky wee chappie from Rude Tube and a man described as a saviour to sensitive lads everywhere. Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, 7–30 Aug (not 16), 10pm, £10–£10.50 (£8.50–£9). Previews until 6 Aug, £5. Norman Lovett There will be…

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star in Knight and Day

3 Aug 20102 stars

‘I’m the guy!’ smirks madcap assassin Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) to mousey June Havens (Cameron Diaz) as he kidnaps her at gunpoint from a Boston cafe. Sadly, on the evidence of James Mangold’s pumped-up spy thriller, Cruise has little to be so cocky about…

Addy Van Der Borgh brings Advanced Mumbo Jumbo to Fringe

30 Jul 2010

Five words and their more honest definitions

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ is not strictly true, especially in a fight, but there is some truth in it. Words, as we know, can be very powerful, especially when put together in the right order. Here are five words and their more honest and thus…

Camille O’Sullivan – Chameleon

30 Jul 2010

Dramatic re-imagining of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and David Bowie

Not for nothing has this Irish charmer’s raunchy raw set and dramatic performances led to sell-out shows since she first took to the Fringe in 2004. Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Radiohead and David Bowie are all dramatically re-imagined here in showstopping…

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Five new faces in British comedy to watch in Edinburgh

30 Jul 2010

A quintet of bright and shiny debutants from the UK

Joe Rowntree Hindsight is a great thing, but who knows where this guy would be now had his planned collaboration with Laura Solon in 2005 arrived in Edinburgh. She only went and won the Perrier on her tod and half a decade later, he’s making his…

Five of the best improvised comedy shows at the Fringe 2010

30 Jul 2010

Edinburgh shows making it up as they go along

The Noise Next Door Five slightly posh Brighton-based blokes don shirts and colourful ties before transforming your daft ideas into blindingly witty songs and sketches. Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, 7–30 Aug (not 11, 18), 7pm, £11–£12 (£9.50–£11).

Fringe 2010 cabaret offerings are as colourful as ever

30 Jul 2010

Smoke & Mirrors, Alan Cumming and The Crack

From pared down to jazz-hands up, this year’s variety and cabaret offerings are as colourful as ever. Anna Millar meets the makers to find out why we just can’t get enough It’s a certain man who can shimmy from club door whore to straight-talking…

Fringe show Willy Wonka Explained tracks down the original Veruca Salt

30 Jul 2010

Matthew Hardy and Julie Dawn bring a pinch of Salt to Edinburgh

Everyone reaches a low point in their lives, when it feels natural to seek solace in objects that remind us of happier, perhaps more innocent times. When Matthew Hardy was dumped by two girlfriends (years and continents apart), he couldn’t stop sticking…

Holly Burn back at Fringe with 'renegade' character-sketch show

30 Jul 2010

Living and Dying follows site-specific show of 2009

For her previous Fringe shows, Holly Burn has tunnelled into the mind of the Angel of the North and invited people into the flat she was living in last August for a site-specific experience, which our reviewer described as ‘torturously exasperating but…

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Lady Carol – Malady

30 Jul 2010

Comedy singer returns to festival after sell-out shows in Sydney

With her dark vocals and unimaginable covers this intoxicating comedy singer returns to the festival following a sell-out show in Sydney. Expect possibly some of the most enjoyable renditions of Love is a Battlefield and Running up that Hill and you…

Lady Carol - Malady

30 Jul 2010

We asked the singing, ukelele playing, dark-humorist five questions

This ukelele lady has an inky-black sense of humour, and can turn the sweetest of love songs into a creepy stalker anthem. Just, please, keep her away from bright light and cakes. Five words you’d use to describe your show Sad songs, silly…

Lucy Porter to do a one night only show in Glasgow

30 Jul 2010

Worth a trip to the West Coast as Ms. Porter skips out on Fringe Festival

The Fringe is having to do without lil Lucy for this year, but she clearly can’t keep away from this part of the globe as she pops up for one night only. Her bloke will be here for the month, though, all dressed up and with somewhere to go as Jeremy…

Meow Meow – Feline Intimate

30 Jul 2010

The post modern showgirl delivers a unique type of cabaret

With more purr than a panther, divine diva Meow Meow slinks back to this year’s Fringe with her unique brand of kamikaze cabaret kitsch. With sell-out shows around the world and the likes of David Bowie on her fan list, Meow Meow’s hypnotic performance…

Quartet of notable U.S. comics stand-up for America

30 Jul 2010

Jennifer Coolidge, Bo Burnham, Caroline Rhea and Charlyne Yi hit Fringe 2010

Jennifer Coolidge is having trouble describing her own stand-up show. She asks a friend who is within shouting distance for help. ‘Michael?’ she calls, in a sugary purr. ‘I have Scotland on the line. What’s my show like?’ After a pause an answer booms…

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Toby Williams brings Dr George Ryegold back to Fringe

30 Jul 2010

Applying surgery to a subtle character creation

For someone who has suffered crippling stage fright, it seems extraordinary that we have even heard of Dr George Ryegold. Having heard from his agent that a parting of the ways might have to come, Toby Williams (the actor behind the maverick medic) told…

Tuck into the Fringe - five shows you can watch while you eat

30 Jul 2010

See it all without missing a meal

We have compiled a list of shows that you can watch while also being served some delicious shows. Don't miss your dinner without also seeing a show!

Vladimir McTavish - The Idiot's Guide to Whisky

30 Jul 2010

The first in a series of whiteboard show introductions

In the first of a regular festival series we’ve asked a comedian to draw the essence of his or her festival show on our List festival wipeboard. This summer Vladimir McTavish is teaching the world about whisky. Well, kinda. In a show originally called…

Andi Osho bring Fringe debut Afroblighty to Edinburgh

29 Jul 2010

Multi-talented comedian has fingers in many pies

We’re hoping that Andi Osho isn’t going to be spotted twiddling her thumbs on the Royal Mile as she’s only performing the one show at the Fringe. Outside of the festival she has her fingers poked in more pie varieties than a Greggs bake. Osho’s a…

Colin Hoult's follow up to 2009's Carnival of Monsters

29 Jul 2010

From monsters to villains in one fell swoop

‘What we have is a cabaret from hell, of lost souls; they’re all there for wicked crimes they’ve done in real life.’ No, it’s not Nick Clegg describing a Cabinet meeting, this is Colin Hoult (formerly of Colin and Fergus) chatting about his follow-up to…

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Des Bishop tells his father's near miss story at Fringe 2010

29 Jul 2010

Irish-American comic presents My Dad Was Nearly James Bond

Des Bishop has wanted to tell his father’s story for a long time. The former model and actor, who had bit parts in Zulu and Day of the Triffids, narrowly lost out to George Lazenby for the role of James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. After…

Five of the best free Comedy shows at the Fringe 2010

29 Jul 2010

We count the pennies and decide it’s time to get some laughs for nowt

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy Back in 1948, two people(s) met at a convention in Geneva and fell in love. But they’ve been at each other’s throats for some time now. Will they ever learn to get along? Perhaps only in a two-person…

Helen Arney delivers Songs of Modern Loving on the ukulele

29 Jul 2010

Ukulele-wielding comic with one eye on the future

When comic musician Helen Arney debuted at the 2009 Fringe with 81/2 Songs About Love (and other myths), she’d already named her 2010 follow-up. ‘Songs for Modern Loving sounds like a lot of things,’ she says. ‘A David Bowie song, a Jonathan Richman…

Jim Jefferies brings new show Alcoholocaust to Edinburgh Fringe

29 Jul 2010

Having moved to sunny California, Jim Jefferies is basking in his stand-up success. But the Aussie comic tells Julian Hall that all he fears is becoming boring

Kevin Eldon prepares for some Titting About at the Fringe

29 Jul 2010

Ubiquitous comic brings strong views and extra pants to Edinburgh

With strong views on the comedy scene, Kevin Eldon arrives in Edinburgh as something of a national institution. But he tells Julian Hall that he’ll still need an extra pair of pants