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22 Mar 2010

The Sub Club is due to welcome the unique dubstep sounds of Ikonika next month. After a hitch with a different venue last year, Ballers Social Club had her perform in someone’s flat. Not that it seems to have put her off coming back to Glasgow…

Annie gears up for Death Disco DJ date - Annie interview

22 Mar 2010

You may not have heard of Annie, but she’s one of the finest female pop stars of the last decade. As good as Kylie, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce and Rihanna. As good as all six Sugababes put together. She should be playing arenas, if that wasn’t a clear signal…

Devil Disco Club

22 Mar 2010

A night which combines all that’s best about Edinburgh’s recent clubbing history and its current, vibrant incarnation, Devil Disco Club is described by its co-promoter Hobbes as ‘the new Trouble’. Not so much a virgin night as a rethought, re-energised…

Frog Pocket

19 Mar 2010

Signed to Benbecula and Planet Mu, Frog Pocket (aka Ayrshire man John Charles Wilson) makes some of the most startling electronica to come out of Scotland. Deep electronic grooves that combine with live guitars, fiddles and complex FX for a compelling…


19 Mar 2010

Over the last five years Xplicit have become a powerhouse for bringing drum & bass action north of the border. Once again they excel themselves with a special Hospital Records showcase for a night of liquid funk and intelligent D&B and featuring Danny…

Skinnyman guests at Edinburgh's One Drop night

10 Mar 2010

Initially signing to Talkin’ Loud, his calling card was his debut album Council Estate of Mind, that summed up the reality of city life with sharp rap, grime beats and heavy bass. Describing his own productions as ‘rhythmatic urban poetry’ he…