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5 Questions - Krishma Bachoo

14 Aug 2008

5 words to describe the Obscene vs Volume experience? Friendly, anything goes, genre-less, bass-fuelled, mayhem. 4 things you love about the DJs/acts on the bill? Everyone is playing for free for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre’s & Myeloma UK. MC…

Messin’ Around

14 Aug 2008

One of the London Jazz Café’s longest running nights (12 years and counting) takes a trip north for the Festival. DJ Adrian Gibson will be mixing up ‘the good stuff’ – jazz, funk, Latin and soul – as showcased on over 70 compilation albums he’s produced…

Bass Syndicate

14 Aug 2008

Time to take things up a notch with a bass-heavy party as breaks specialists Bass Syndicate celebrate their second birthday. And it’s a double-header of guests to mark the occasion. Bristol’s Stanton Warriors will be mashing together electro and garage…


14 Aug 2008

When he released his debut album It Rough in 2001 (which contained the single of the same name), Zurich DJ Robi Insinna, aka Headman, helped presage a whole movement. Around the same time, everyone from Belgium’s Soulwax to New York’s LCD Soundsystem…


14 Aug 2008

It's a serious techno double bill at this month's Jackhammer. Gracing the decks will be none other than Kevin Saunderson (pictured) with back up from Ben Sims. Saunderson is one of the three originators of techno – alongside Juan Atkins and Derrick May…

Spirit Aid

14 Aug 2008

Numbers and Monox team up for a good cause, raising funds for Spirit Aid, a Glasgow-based charity which aims to ‘alleviate suffering children, whose lives have been devastated by war, poverty, genocide, ethnic cleansing and all forms of abuse at home…