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Where to see the big blockbusters for less in Edinburgh and Glasgow

20 Sep 2018

When money is tight but you need your cinema fix, there's still plenty of options

If you love cinema too much to wait for films to come out on Netflix, don't worry: Edinburgh and Glasgow have plenty of independent cinemas which offer a unique place to kick back and shovel down some popcorn. Most of the big chains operate across both…

Student Guide 2016: best cinemas in Edinburgh and Glasgow

23 Sep 2016

Where to catch the latest hit films, intriguing documentaries and forgotten classics

Lovers of indie flicks, cult classics and documentaries, rejoice: both Edinburgh and Glasgow boast a great selection of independent cinemas, many of which offer too-good-to-resist student discounts. In the capital, the Filmhouse is a haven for…

Where to watch The Hateful Eight in 70mm in the UK

17 Aug 2015

Which cinemas will project Tarantino's latest in his preferred format

It's no secret that Quentin Tarantino prefers traditional film techniques over the now standard digital formats. That's why his much-anticipated western The Hateful Eight, set to premiere on Christmas Day, was shot for a 70mm release. The problem is…