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Singles round up – September 2014

16 Sep 2014

Including new releases from Garden of Elks, Rozi Plain and Rachel Dadd, Baio and Night Noise Team

Garden of Elks – Yoop EP (Self-released) ●●●● Something of a Glasgow rock supergroup with members of Bronto Skylift, Paws and the late Dananananaykroyd in their number, Garden of Elks release an EP which is pleasingly not at all what might be expected…

Vampire Weekend ready third album

12 May 2012

Music Gossip

Vampire Weekend have "many songs" ready for their third album. The 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' group are working on their next album and plotting to take their sound into uncharted territory. Bassist Chris Baio - who is also preparing his first…

Vampire Weekend

24 Apr 2008

The Paul Simon revival, inexplicably, just might start here. Preppy New York quartet Vampire Weekend borrow elements of their sound from Afrobeat, post-punk and new wave, but the fact of four well-off white kids co-opting African rhythms can’t fail to…