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Cheekykita: Somewhere in the Ether

31 Aug 20172 stars

Committed attempt to rouse a crowd with calculated nonsense doesn't quite succeed

Wistful, whimsical, carefree surrealism is one of the trickier comedy sub-genres to pull off in a live setting, and while you can only stand back and admire Cheekykita for commitment to the cause, sitting down for an hour of her shtick can be a mite…

Cheekykita: Tittitutar Town

19 Aug 20163 stars

Oddball clown act manages to hit hysterical from time to time

Cheekykita is what happens when that weird lassie from high school grows up, but doesn't lose her oddity. The one who thinks she's a cat, except now she's paid to indulge herself on stage. Cheekykita could be annoying, but her crazed clowning show…