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New venues announced for CCA Glasgow shows hit by building closure

1 Aug 2018

Some good news as art events affected by Glasgow School of Art fire find new homes

While the domino effect on residents and businesses following the fire at Glasgow School of Art and O2 ABC is still being felt by many in the local community, the Centre of Contemporary Art has revealed a raft of alternative venues for events it was…

Preview: Lucy Clout and Marianna Simnett What Will They See of Me?

20 May 2015

CCA showcases bold new video-work by Jerwood/FVU Awards 2015 winners

This exhibition sees the culmination of an ambitious yearlong project undertaken by winners of the Jerwood/FVU Awards 2015. Lucy Clout and Marianna Simnett were each awarded £20,000 to develop their very different moving-image works in response to the…

The best cinemas in Edinburgh and Glasgow

31 Aug 2012

Bars, galleries and festivals provide additional arenas for watching movies

Both Glasgow and Edinburgh have their fair share of multiplexes, which aren’t hard to hunt down, but if you’re looking for a more intimate experience we suggest you check out the independents. In Edinburgh that’s the Filmhouse and Cameo (once described…

Raydale Dower - Cryptic Nights at CCA, Glasgow, Thu 2 Feb 2012

8 Feb 20123 stars

Experimental but playful sound installation

The title of Raydale Dower's new 'spatial sound composition' speaks volumes about the former Uncle John & Whitelock bassist and current Tut Vu Vu clarinettist and sonic architect's methodology.…

Robbie Thomson on Cryptic Nights project Inducer

20 Apr 2011

Collaboration with Sarah Milne and Jack Wrigley

What was the inspiration for your new project ‘Inducer’ with Sarah Milne and Jack Wrigley? ‘Inducer’ is an extension of our interest in experimental musical instrument design and an attempt to create a crude, mechanical form of electronic music.

The best Wi-Fi cafés in Edinburgh and Glasgow

17 Feb 2010

The Wi-Fi try guy

Wi-Fi connectivity has become a staple feature of many handheld and portable gadgets, so you would think that the companies making them would have perfected it by now. Well, of course they haven't, but is the technology good enough to at least beat the…

Collaborative exhibition by Baldvin Ringsted and Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir

6 Aug 2009

The inside of a grand piano has been painted black and raised onto short legs. Black growth infiltrates its entrails. This is the first collaborative piece by Baldvin Ringsted and Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir, and will form the central piece for their…

New Writing: Daisies & Fairy Dog

28 May 2009

Whether due to the success of the Oran Mor’s A Play, a Pie and a Pint series or the effect of the recession on arts budgets, stripped down lunchtime plays are shaking up Glasgow’s theatre scene – and this year’s Fiendish Plot season at the CCA is no…

Under the Skin

14 May 2009

Inspired by Oran Mor’s hugely successful A Play, a Pie and a Pint theatre series, Glasgow’s CCA has come up with its own season of 30-minute lunchtime plays, helmed by the Fiendish Plot Theatre Group. This year’s collection of seven plays continues with…

Stage Fright

16 Apr 20093 stars

Stage Fright is a collaboration between CCA and theatre company Suspect Culture exploring the nature of theatricality through the work of Luke Collins, Felicity Croydon and Sharon Smith (Max Factory), Jonny Dawe and Nick Powell (OSKAR), Graham Eatough…

Open Field

13 Nov 2008

Artists’ residencies sound like wonderful things. Who wouldn’t appreciate the opportunity to go somewhere new and moon around with a paintbrush? Unfortunately, this is not the reality of most residencies. Instead, pressure is often piled on artists to…

Visual art: Hidden Art

15 Sep 2008

Away from Edinburgh and Glasgow’s public galleries, which have collections which match their budgets, many smaller spaces flourish. ‘Small’ is all relative, however. Venues like Glasgow’s centre for design and architecture The Lighthouse (www.the…