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The Last Face

23 May 20162 stars

Cannes 2016: Heartfelt but hopeless drama from Sean Penn, with Charlize Theron

The road to movie mediocrity is paved with good intentions in The Last Face. Sean Penn’s first directorial venture since 2007’s Into the Wild attempts to address the complex issues of war-torn Africa through a tempestuous love affair between dedicated…

American Honey

16 May 20165 stars

Cannes 2016: Ambitious, enthralling US road trip movie from Britain’s Andrea Arnold

This is British director Andrea Arnold’s Wizard of Oz, taking the form of a vibrant and epic journey across America that sees a young woman named Star (impressive newcomer Sasha Lane) attempt to find a place to call home. It’s a rite of passage road…


16 May 20164 stars

Cannes 2016: Spielberg helms a heartwarming adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic

Roald Dahl dedicated 1982’s The BFG to his daughter, who passed away from measles at the age of seven. In tribute, he created a tremblingly scary and delightfully imaginative world, in which a young girl called Sophie (here played by Ruby Barnhill) is…

I, Daniel Blake

13 May 20164 stars

Cannes 2016: Ken Loach tackles the age of austerity with predictably stirring results

Fifty years on from Cathy Come Home, Britain feels even more divided as the rich get richer and the poor get stigmatised. It is fertile ground for director Ken Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty as they tackle an age of welfare cuts, austerity and food…


25 May 20152 stars

Cannes 2015: Emotionally hollow 3D provocation from Gaspar Noé

At one point in Argentinean provocateur Gaspar Noé’s sexually explicit, 3D-rendered story of lost love the main character, Murphy (Karl Glusman), proclaims that movies should be about 'blood, sperm and tears.' It’s a sentiment Noé takes to the extreme…


25 May 20154 stars

Cannes 2015: Michael Fassbender stars in Justin Kurzel's take on Shakespeare's tragedy

The list of those who have attempted to leave their distinctive imprint on 'the Scottish play' stretches from Orson Welles to Roman Polanski via a notoriously ill-judged stage collaboration between director Bryan Forbes and Peter O’Toole. Snowtown…


22 May 20154 stars

Cannes 2015: Jacques Audiard helms a moving and intense immigration drama

The immigrant experience has been the timely, pressing topic at Cannes this year and no film on the subject has enjoyed a higher profile than Jacques Audiard’s competition title Dheepan. The director of A Prophet and Rust and Bone tells the story of a…


21 May 20154 stars

Cannes 2015: Emily Blunt impresses in this tense thriller from Denis Villeneuve

Emily Blunt is superb in French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve’s tense and stylish action thriller set in a lawless land of drugs and guns. When her FBI agent, Kate Macer, is offered a new mission after her exemplary handling of a particularly grim…

Inside Out

20 May 20154 stars

Cannes 2015: Truthful and delightful Pixar animation, with Amy Poehler

Pixar deliver the goods yet again with a delightful, poignant and hysterically funny animation which takes us inside the mind of a troubled young girl named Riley (voiced by Kaitlyn Dias). Her brain is imagined as a well-oiled factory hub commanded by…

Louder Than Bombs

18 May 20153 stars

Cannes 2015: Intelligent drama featuring Gabriel Byrne and Jesse Eisenberg

Having established his reputation with Oslo, August 31st, Norwegian writer-director Joachim Trier makes a successful transition to a larger scale, English-language production with Louder Than Bombs. Continuing his screenwriting collaboration with fellow…


18 May 20155 stars

Cannes 2015: Cate Blanchett dazzles in Todd Haynes' exquisite romance

Patricia Highsmith conceived her 1952, Manhattan-set story of forbidden love The Price of Salt in a paranoid political climate, when sexism was rife and homosexuality shunned. When the paperback was released she started to receive mail from men and…

The Lobster

18 May 20154 stars

Cannes 2015: High-end lunacy from the director of Dogtooth, with Colin Farrell

As Pat Benatar so wisely observed in the 80s, love is a battlefield or, in the case of Greek New Wave director Yorgos Lanthimos’ English-language debut, it is a bizarre hunting ground with a strict code of conduct. This surreal black comedy concerned…

The Sea of Trees

18 May 20152 stars

Cannes 2015: Matthew McConaughey stars in Gus Van Sant's muddled drama

Within minutes of its first press screening at Cannes word spread that Gus Van Sant’s latest effort had been met by boos and dismissive tweets from senior critics. That seems a little unkind but this soft-hearted muddle of a film does bite off more than…

Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman to celebrate Pulp Fiction in Cannes

22 May 2014

Film gossip

Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman will attend an event to celebrate 'Pulp Fiction' in Cannes tomorrow (23.05.14). The famed filmmaker and the 44-year-old actress - who was cast as Mia Wallace in the picture - are set to walk the red carpet at the…

The Cannes award winners are soon to be announced, but what really happens in the jury room?

24 May 2013

Hannah McGill provides an insight into the inner workings of film festival juries

Film festival juries are variable beasts: some rigorously regulated, some sloppy; some amicable and some fiery as all hell. A few of my own experiences on juries around the world follow... 1. Festival 1. A fellow juror is a very elderly…

Nicole Kidman, Ang Lee for Cannes jury

24 Apr 2013

Film gossip

Nicole Kidman and Ang Lee have joined this year's Cannes jury. The 'Stoker' actress and 'Life of Pi' director will join head judge Steven Spielberg to help decide the winner of the prestigious Palme d'Or award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, it has…

Holy Motors

28 May 20124 stars

Hugely satisfying and inventive celebration of cinema from Leos Carax

Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant) is picked up by his driver Celine (Edith Scob) for a day’s work - 9 appointments that will take him across Paris and into the paths of an array of characters. If that sounds vague, it’s deliberate - to say anymore would…

Cannes 2012: Amour

28 May 20124 stars

Deeply sad and affecting film from Michael Haneke, and winner of the 2012 Palme D’Or

Unlike The White Ribbon (Michael Haneke’s Palme D’Or winning film from 2009), which stands out for its thematic and narrative complexities, Amour sees the Austrian director take a far simpler approach to filmmaking, with an intimate story of an elderly…

Cannes 2012: On the Road

25 May 20123 stars

Walter Salles’ adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel struggles to capture a sense of the times

If, for two and a half hours, you can put aside the fact that Walter Salles’ (Central Station, The Motorcycle Diaries) latest work is an adaptation of one of the most famous, influential books in recent American history, you might just enjoy this…

Cannes 2012: The Paperboy

25 May 20123 stars

Lee Daniels’ plot hole-ridden latest film is still a compelling, if occasionally ludicrous, ride

Lee Daniels follows up his sleeper hit Precious with an enjoyably trashy, if often misguided, story based on the book by Pete Dexter. It’s 1969 and journalist Ward (Matthew McConaughey) returns to his hometown of Lately, Florida to investigate what…

Cannes 2012: Killing Them Softly

24 May 20123 stars

Andrew Dominik’s stylish gangster film is visually impressive if occasionally lacking momentum

Killing Them Softly, Andrew Dominik’s third film following Chopper and The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford, is a bleakly humourous gangster flick with an underlying commentary on modern day moral bankruptcy. It begins with…

Cannes 2012: Trashed

24 May 20122 stars

British documentary about waste pollution could have done with burrowing deeper

Watching British documentary Trashed it’s curious to think who the filmmakers imagined their audience to be. Exploring the impact and problems of waste disposal, the film barely scrapes the surface of its subject matter, giving the air of a dry…

Cannes Diary

22 May 2008

The start of the Cannes 2008 film festival was dominated by two films that delve into the recent past to raise pertinent and timely questions about how the State deals with those they consider terrorists. Billed as cinema’s first animated documentary…

Indiana Jones premieres at Cannes

24 Apr 2008

The line-up for this year's Cannes Film Festival has been announced, and the most widely-anticipated premiere isn't even in competition. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will receive its first screening at the festival, with…

Silent Light (Stellet Licht)

29 Nov 20075 stars

DRAMA (15) 182min To mention Carlos Reygadas’ winsome Silent Light in the same breath as key directors Carl Theodor Dreyer, Andrei Tarkovsky, Robert Bresson, and the more recent Bruno Dumont is not hyperbole. The six-minute opening shot of a…