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Brendon Burns: 'I've never felt more like a stripper in my life'

23 Jan 2018

In the wake of recent sex scandals Brendon Burns decided it was time to tackle gender in his stand-up

It was Brendon Burns' wife who first made the comedian reconsider his attitude to masculinity. Pointing out that the UK-based Australian stand-up has been very open about his attitudes to race on his podcast, Dumb White Guy, why then has he been so…

Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine in Race Off

21 Aug 20173 stars

A unique double act that's a little rough around the edges

Ten years ago, Brendon Burns won the Edinburgh Comedy Award for his twisty, subversive and highly controversial show, So I Suppose This Is Offensive Now? This year he presents a double-hander with Aboriginal Australian comedian and journalist Craig…

'Only real-ale micro-breweries are less inviting to black people' – Craig Quartermaine and Brendon Burns on the Festival

2 Aug 2017

Seemingly unlikely duo Burns and Quartermaine are set to storm the Fringe with their race-based mucking about

Notching some of his best reviews since winning the Edinburgh Comedy Award a decade ago, Brendon Burns' 2016 show Dumb White Guy introduced the Fringe to droll Aboriginal-Australian comic Craig Quartermaine. Now a fully fledged double act, the pair are…

Brendon Burns: Dumb White Guy

24 Aug 20164 stars

A non-preachy hardcore show about the problems inherent in discussing race

Brendon Burns has always loved wrong-footing his audience. He pulled it off spectacularly in his Edinburgh Comedy Award winning show from 2007 and he does it again here in this hour about race, identity, and the word 'cunt'. Some entertainers will bend…

Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2014: Past winners reveal what the top comedy prize means to them

15 Jul 2014

Featuring Brendon Burns, David O'Doherty, Tim Key, Russell Kane, Adam Riches and Bridget Christie

Brendon Burns (2007) Before winning the Edinburgh Comedy Award, what was the best thing you had ever won? I’m not sure I’d ever won anything before that, beyond sporting trophies as a kid. Of the other nominees on your shortlist, can you name one…

Brendon Burns & Colt Cabana

20 Aug 20133 stars

Enjoyable hour of wrestling-themed entertainment

Brendon Burns and Colt Cabana Sit in a Fifty-Seater Around Midnight and Provide the Commentary to Bad Wrestling Matches is, as Burns quickly points out, not a misleading title. Aussie comedian Burns is right at home with his audience of Lycra-loving…

Brendon Burns Hasn't Heard of You Either

8 Aug 20133 stars

Warm but scattershot hour of candid comedy

Despite what you may have heard – about the loudness, the swearing, the inappropriate comments regarding disability – it’s hard not to warm to this older, perhaps slightly softened version of Brendon Burns. No longer the bullet-headed bull of old, he…

Tim Vine and Ardal O'Hanlon announced for The Wrestling II

29 Jul 2013

The comedy-fighting extravaganza returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

The organisers behind The Wrestling II, the second instalment of the comedians-versus-wrestlers spectacular, have just kicked their hype machine into overdrive by announcing Ardal O'Hanlon and Tim Vine as rival team captains. 'Coach' O'Hanlon will be…

Comedy DVD Round-Up

16 Nov 2012

We judge the Christmas comedy contenders, from Sarah Millican to Brendon Burns

With a ridiculously vast amount of live comedy DVDs out for Christmas (30 at the last count), it’s a disappointing sign of the times that Pam Ann and Sarah Millican are the only females releasing new work. And it’s a proper shame that Thoroughly Modern…

Brendon Burns: Home Stretch Baby

5 Aug 20123 stars

The former comedy bad boy reflects with faded glory and bruised emotions

Like many hard-living, taste-baiting rock’n’roll comedians of the 90s and 00s, Brendon Burns is slowly coming to terms with the fact that he’s now over 40 and the law requires him to slow down. Turns out he’s pretty comfortable with that and having…

Festival Insider: Aussie Fringe regular Brendon Burns loses his inner cynic for Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

Comedian brings Home Stretch Baby show to Edinburgh

My first attempt at this article was a bitter rant detailing everything I hate about Edinburgh audiences. And then my wife, a genius in all things Burnsological, pointed out I was behaving like a blind cynic. Once upon a time, to be a cynic meant…

The Wrestling

18 Aug 20115 stars

Anarchic night of body-slamming action and comedy

Max Olesker is some sort of twisted genius. The former wrestler (under the nom de guerre Max Voltage) and one half of sketch duo Max and Ivan has combined two of his talents to create one of the best events on the Fringe. Not that his cohort Ivan…

A selection of the best comedy podcasts

19 Nov 2010

Free comedy from Robin Ince, Richard Herring, Andrew Collins and Marc Maron

The explosion in free podcasts has been a boon for comedy fans, delivering intimate interviews, topical improv and experimental sketch shows, all the while plugging audiences directly into the psyches of their favourite stand-ups. US comic Marc Maron's…

Brendon Burns

10 Aug 20102 stars

Overly serious rants about killing paedophiles and getting religion

Given that Burns yells from start to finish, why the loudmouth Aussie stand-up needs acoustic accompaniment is anyone’s guess. His guitarist mate’s presence also unbalances the show with an opening comic jam that forces Burns to rush the ending.

Comedy Hitlist

26 Aug 2009

Brendon Burns In years gone by this mouthy Aussie could have started an almighty battle in an empty room. He doesn’t have that problem anymore given the number of dates he’s added to this sold-out run. Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, 25–29 Aug…

Comedy hitlist

23 Aug 2009

Alun Cochrane, Anna & Katy, Brendon Burns, Jonny Sweet, Kim Noble, Pappy's Fun Club, Phil Nichol, Richard Herring,

Glasgow Comedy Festival

1 Mar 2009

More than most of the big names appearing at this year’s Glasgow International Comedy Festival, Dublin-born Ed Byrne knows how to work a Glaswegian crowd. He did, after all, used to go to the University of Strathclyde in the city (to study horticulture…

Brendon Burns

7 Aug 20083 stars

Award winner is back and still pretty angry

What do you get when you take an aggressive Aussie comic with a history of psychosis, substance abuse and vitriolic rants about every sector of humanity and award him the if.comeddie main award? Gladiator costumes, Schwarzenegger impressions and a…


27 Mar 2008

St George’s Market on a Saturday morning. High, tented ceilings filling up with barbeque smoke; cheerful art graduates selling hand-printed T-shirts side by side with grumpy, knowledgeable fishmongers and cheese merchants; stalls offering gourmet olive…

Brendon Burns

18 Oct 2007

STAND-UP Maggie May’s, Glasgow, Fri 19 Oct When Brendon Burns was nine years old, he decided that a career in stand-up comedy was the road he wanted to travel down. While in Texas with his family, he was snuck into a comedy club through its kitchen…

Hitlist - The best comedy

18 Oct 2007

• Jim Tavare When can a bald guy with a double bass ever be funny? When he’s Jim Tavare, that’s when. The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 23 Oct; the Stand, Glasgow, Wed 24 Oct. • Brendon Burns This year’s if.comeddie victor laps it up with a sort-of, though…

Comedy prize awarded to Brendon Burns

28 Aug 2007

Australian comedian Brendon Burns has won the £8,000 if.comedy award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a routine described as “edgy and dangerous” by organisers. The show So I Suppose This Is Offensive Now scooped the coveted prize at the awards…

Brendon Burns

23 Aug 20074 stars

There’s a lot to get annoyed about with Brendon Burns. He’s a bit squealy, a bit shouty, a bit prone to flights of squealy, shouty pseudo-philosophical ramblings. A bit like an Aussie Bill Hicks. A bit 1993. Yet with Brendon Burns, what you are seeing…

Punch Lines

1 Aug 2007

Jim Jeffries isn’t the only comic on the receiving end of trouble from their audience. Brian Donaldson compiles some tales of terror. At a late-night Spank! show, Andrew Lawrence (pictured) foolishly challenged a heckler to a duel. As Lawrence unpopped…

Breaker Morant

19 Jul 2007

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

After the success of Talk Radio, the Comedians Theatre Company returns to the Fringe with a hard-hitting courtroom drama. But as the Australian leads tell Steve Cramer, the play is not without its bawdy elements