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Five underrated film adaptations from classic English Lit

25 Apr 2015

A fresh look at some under-respected movies of books you may have been forced to write essays about

Thomas Vinterberg's movie of Far From the Madding Crowd is to be released next week. And like every other adaptation of a classic novel it'll have a life depending on whether fans of the book think it was faithful enough, and non-fans think it was fun…

Charlie Hebdo: book from late editor Charb to be published posthumously

16 Apr 2015

Stephane Charbonnier defends his editorial stance and upholds the right to ridicule religion

A book written by Stephane Charbonnier (Charb), former editor of French magazine Charlie Hebdo, is to be published posthumously. Entitled An Open Letter to the Fraudsters of Islamophobia who Play into Racists' Hands, the work was finished just two…

Toni Morrison – God Help The Child

16 Apr 20153 stars

Morrison's latest novel takes an unflinching look at the long term effects of child abuse

Toni Morrison's latest novel explores the damage adults inflict upon children and the lasting effect it has on their lives. Most of the dramatic events in the book have taken place years previously and we are only witness to the aftermath, calmly…

All the Top Five Lists from High Fidelity

13 Apr 2015

The List celebrates the many lists of High Fidelity, published twenty years ago this week

'Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?' Nick Hornby's debut novel High Fidelity was published 20 years ago this week, and Stephen Frears' equally-beloved movie adaptation was released…

Interview: Irvine Welsh, ‘Every election is in some ways a rerun of the Independence Referendum’

10 Apr 2015

The author of A Decent Ride talks all things Scotland, from indy ref to Hurricane Bawbag

‘When you see where you come from from abroad, it just seems so much more exotic’, says Irvine Welsh, over a patchy phone line from Chicago. He’s reflecting on Scotland, his home country, and the place we’ve been discussing in detail ever since he asked…

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Interview: Kirsty Logan, ‘My childhood was very rich in stories’

9 Apr 2015

The List’s ex-books editor chats about her debut novel, The Gracekeepers

Last year, ex-List books editor Kirsty Logan’s first short story collection, The Rental Heart and other Fairytales, came out to critical acclaim. May sees the release of her first novel, The Gracekeepers. It follows North, a performer in a circus that…

Take the Edinburgh Outlander walking tour

8 Apr 2015

You don’t need to travel the length of Scotland to enjoy the Outlander experience

Time travellers, leave your stone circles at home, now you don’t even need to leave Edinburgh to immerse yourself in the world of book and TV series Outlander. Capitalising on the booming demand for all things relating to the adventures of Claire…

World Book Night: writers and other literary-types discuss their favourite reads

8 Apr 2015

Sara Sheridan, Kirsty Logan, Margot McCuaig and Kirstin Innes reveal their bookshelves prized volume

On Thu 23 Apr, book lovers and bibliophiles from all over will be taking part in World Book Night, an annual celebration of reading and books that invites people to share their love of literature. With that in mind, we asked a keen bunch of writers…

Stuart David – In The All-Night Café

7 Apr 20154 stars

Belle & Sebastian co-founder takes a trip down memory lane

‘Stuart, this is Stuart.’ Those were the words, remembers the first Stuart (David), of the moment he was introduced to the other Stuart (Murdoch) in the kitchen of a friend’s flat in Glasgow – and a new chapter in the city’s musical history was…

Irvine Welsh – A Decent Ride

3 Apr 20153 stars

Glue’s ‘Juice’ Terry Lawson returns as a Lothario of epic proportions

In 'Juice' Terry Lawson, one of Welsh's most popular creations since his first appearance in Glue back in 2001, the author has crafted a comic book antihero, a character so absurd that all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Enjoyable it is…

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Game of Thrones plot twists we want to see happen

2 Apr 2015

What we hope George RR Martin will do next, from Ned Stark’s return to Tyrion on the Iron Throne

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and in the case of George RR Martin, the pen is mightier than castle-forged Valyrian steel. Westeros may well be plagued with rogue sellswords, murderous boy kings and half-dead warriors, but let’s be honest…

Outlander dinner show comes to Linlithgow

30 Mar 2015

A Taste of Outlander features food, drink and music inspired by the books and TV series

If you haven’t had the chance to familiarise yourself with Outlander, allow us to summarise it for you: handsome red-haired men on horseback, plucky young women looking terribly good in plaid and a load of steamy under-the-kilt action. Based on the…

Kirstin Innes on Fishnet: 'It took me a long time to work out whether I had the right to do this.'

30 Mar 2015

The ex-List writer talks about her research into the sex industry for her debut novel

Most people think they know what the word ‘prostitute’ means. In early 2009, I certainly did. It meant a victim, a poor soul, probably a drug addict, a sad indictment of our patriarchal society. I hadn’t met anyone working in that particular field, but…

Tim Clare – The Honours

26 Mar 20154 stars

Performance poet’s debut is one of the most exciting fantasy novels of recent years

In his debut novel, poet Tim Clare has succeeded in creating a world that is at once fantastical and absorbingly real. Initially, the story seems to follow a familiar spy thriller trajectory: 13-year-old heroine Delphine is displaced when her family…

The best Edinburgh Science Festival arts and culture events

26 Mar 2015

From drone orchestras to geek songs, we’ve picked our top tips for this year's science fest

The white coats are let out for the day to hop on their bikes as part of Edinburgh International Science Festival’s Street Science team. Engaging with audiences across the city, the aim is to shake up science, blow off the cobwebs and prove that it’s…

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Interview: David Torrance, author of Nicola Sturgeon: A Political Life

20 Mar 2015

The First Minister’s biographer compares cautious Nicola Sturgeon to the theatrics of Alex Salmond

During the last decade in British politics, it has been suggested that we don’t have the personalities and ‘characters’ we once had. If Spitting Image was starting in 2015, it might be quickly pulled due to a lack of raw material.

Book-to-film adaptations that deserve another shot

20 Mar 2015

With a new Little Women film coming up, we look at adaptations that could have gone better

It has been announced that Sarah Polley is to direct a new version of Little Women. Alongside producer Amy Pascal, the pair are introducing a new take on the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott, adding to the line of Little Women films, the most recent…

Aye Write! Top 5 picks

19 Mar 2015

Nathan Penlington, Mark Millar and Kerry Hudson among the highlights of Glasgow's book festival

Glasgow's annual book festival Aye Write! offers nine days of events, talks and debates celebrating the written word at the Mitchell Library. Heather McDaid picks the top five to wet your literary appetite.

Aye Write! launches 2015 programme

19 Mar 2015

Glasgow’s annual book festival welcomes Jane Hawking, Kevin Bridges, Lucy Ribchester and more

Launched in 2005 and hosted annually in the iconic Mitchell Library, Glasgow's book festival Aye Write has reached its tenth birthday. To mark a decade showcasing international literature, the festival is hosting a celebratory event There's Only One Aye…

Jane Alexander – The Last Treasure Hunt

17 Mar 20153 stars

This debut novel is a pleasant look at a Scottish barman’s journey to celebrity status

Scottish author Jane Alexander's debut novel follows Cam, a blokey Gen-X barman who, after reconnecting with childhood friend-turned-Hollywood star Eve, finds himself at the centre of celebrity. Early on, The Last Treasure Hunt is more Hello! than…

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Illustrator Korky Paul heads for Scottish schools

13 Mar 2015

Winnie the Witch co-creator talks about the art of illustration

With precious few words on each page, your average picture book could be done and dusted in seconds. But something keeps little ones and their big readers lingering time and again – the illustration. Not only does it bring the author’s story to life…

Terry Pratchett: five ways the writer made the world a better place

13 Mar 2015

A look back at some of the late author's many accomplishments

As the world mourns the news that fantasy fiction author Terry Pratchett has died at the age of 66, we take a look at some of the ways the writer helped to make the world a brighter place. He gave us some beloved fantasy fiction Over his writing…

Author Terry Pratchett has died

12 Mar 2015

Writer of the popular 'Discworld' series has died aged 66, after long battle with Alzheimer's

Renowned fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett OBE has died at his home, aged 66, it has been announced by his publishing company. Pratchett is best know for the Discworld series, which stretches to some 40 installments dating back to 1983, and with…

StAnza 2015: Why we need more poetry events like StAnza

11 Mar 2015

Packed houses for the St Andrews festival show there's an audience for poetry

What would make you go to a poetry reading? There are some folk who can’t get enough of the things, attending poetry events on an almost nightly basis. But even they would have to admit that, for the average reading, you don’t expect gigantic audiences…

The books that made me: Karen Campbell, author of This Is Where I Am

11 Mar 2015

Ahead of the release of new novel Rise, the writer discusses the books that have influenced her life

After four novels centering on the life and investigations of Sgt. Anna Cameron, Karen Campbell broke away from the crime mould for her fifth novel, This Is Where I Am, which highlighted the plight of asylum seekers in Glasgow. The profound tale of Abdi…