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30 Oct 2008

Protest picture

'Were you out last night my friend?' 'Is it that obvious?' I say pulling down a wrinkled lower eyelid to expose an eye as bloodshot as those of the two men opposite me. They are hot young actor Michael Fassbender - all fair brown hair, blue eyes, slight…


30 Oct 20085 stars

(15) 95min

In 1981, IRA member Bobby Sands allowed his body to become the ultimate instrument of protest when he led the Maze prison hunger strike in order to win political status for imprisoned members of the IRA. Directed by Turner Prize winning artist Steve…

Cannes Diary

22 May 2008

The start of the Cannes 2008 film festival was dominated by two films that delve into the recent past to raise pertinent and timely questions about how the State deals with those they consider terrorists. Billed as cinema’s first animated documentary…