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Ben Foster praises co-star Elle Fanning

1 Jul 2018

Film gossip

Ben Foster says 'Galveston' co-star Elle Fanning is such a great actress that he used to get distracted by her on set. The 37-year-old actor co-stars with Elle, 20, in the new movie, which tells the story of a dying hitman who returns to his hometown…

Leave No Trace

4 Jun 20184 stars

Sundance London 2018: An unusual father and daughter are at the heart of Debra Granik's latest triumph

Writer-director Debra Granik is best known for introducing the world to Jennifer Lawrence, whose Oscar-nominated breakthrough powered Granik's much-admired sophomore feature Winter's Bone. Leave No Trace provides considerable scope for another fledgling…


10 Oct 20163 stars

Tom Hanks resumes his role as Robert Langdon in Ron Howard's third Dan Brown adaptation

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard reunite for a third time as Dan Brown's Robert Langdon returns to the big screen. After the huge disappointments that were The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, hopes aren't exactly sky-high. Fortunately, Inferno has some…

Hell or High Water

5 Sep 20164 stars

Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster and Chris Pine star in an offbeat heist film with the smarts to match its sass

'God, I love west Texas,' remarks lawman Marcus (Jeff Bridges) after an encounter with yet another colourful local. Hell or High Water has much the same motto, revelling in lavish quantities of southern sass as it winningly combines Heat-style action…

Ben Foster to star with Christian Bale in Hostiles

28 Jul 2016

Film gossip

Ben Foster is to star alongside Christian Bale in 'Hostiles.' The 'Warcraft' star is latest cast member to be announced for Scott Cooper's tale of an army captain, played by 42-year-old Bale, who agrees to escort a dying Cheyenne war chief back to…

Warcraft: The Beginning

30 May 20163 stars

The popular video game series makes it to the big screen with mixed results

Never mind the war between humans and orcs. The bigger problem with the first event movie from Duncan Jones, who impressed so much with sci-fi brain-spinners Moon and Source Code, is how to unite the tribes of hardened gamers, fantasy fans and…

The Finest Hours

15 Feb 20163 stars

Chris Pine leads the way in a maritime rescue drama that sails through on its sweetness

To risk one’s life to save that of a stranger is humanity at its noblest, with such endeavours acting as a potent riposte to the notion of man as a selfish beast. Powered by pluck, The Finest Hours tells the true story of a small band of coastguards…

Ben Foster took drugs for film role

15 Sep 2015

Film gossip

Ben Foster took drugs to help him get into character for his role as Lance Armstrong in 'The Program.' The 34-year-old actor took performance-enhancing drugs, under the supervision of his doctor, to give him a better understanding of the disgraced…

The Program

13 Sep 20153 stars

TIFF 2015: Ben Foster astonishes as fallen hero Lance Armstrong

If documentary The Armstrong Lie proved that the disgraced cyclist is a tough nut to crack, might an infusion of well-informed speculation illuminate him further? Or is The Program simply an Oscar-friendly platform for one of Hollywood's most promising…

Ben Foster for villainous role in Inferno?

11 Mar 2015

Film gossip

Ben Foster is to play a villain in 'Inferno'. The 'Lone Survivor' star is in talks to star alongside Tom Hanks in a key villainous role in Sony and Imagine Entertainment's upcoming sequel to 'The Da Vinci Code', based on the novels by Dan Brown…

Lone Survivor

13 Jan 20144 stars

A gutsy, draining and brilliant war movie from Peter Berg, with Mark Wahlberg and Ben Foster

Two years after overloading his summer blockbuster Battleship with enough gung-ho patriotism to sink an aircraft carrier, Peter Berg returns to the military for an altogether different kind of film but, in displaying a little more restraint, duly…

Kill Your Darlings

5 Nov 20133 stars

Daniel Radcliffe and Michael C. Hall in well-cast account of emergence of Beat Generation

Currently, the Beat Generation is to American independent cinema what Marvel’s superheroes are to blockbusters, with each year bringing a new incarnation of the same characters. Following Walter Salles’ long-awaited adaptation of On the Road last year…

Ben Foster, Chris O'Dowd confirmed for Lance Armstrong biopic

16 Oct 2013

Film gossip

Ben Foster and Chris O'Dowd will star in a biopic about Lance Armstrong. The 32-year-old actor - who was first linked to play the disgraced cyclist in July - has officially signed on for the lead role in Stephen Frears' biographical film, while…

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

16 Aug 20134 stars

Mind haunting mood-piece by David Lowery is more than the usual outlaw story

On the back of his debut with festival favourite St Nick, writer/director David Lowery creates another intense drama with Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, a fictional slice of Americana which creates a dreamlike atmosphere around a traditional story of love…

Ben Foster to play Lance Armstrong in new biopic

29 Jul 2013

Film gossip

Ben Foster is in talks to play Lance Armstrong in a biopic by Stephen Frears. The 32-year-old actor looks set to star as the disgraced cyclist in the film which will focus on the seven-time Tour de France champion's long career and fall from grace…


24 Jan 20123 stars

A compelling performance from Woody Harrelson can't quite support the weight of this cop drama

(15) 108mins At this rate, Woody Harrelson should keep Oren Moverman on a retainer. The director guided Harrelson to an Oscar nomination in 2009’s The Messenger. And their latest collaboration Rampart sees the actor on similarly searing form. Set in…

The Messenger

18 Apr 20113 stars

Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson film begins well but let down by unfocussed second half

(15) 105min The Messenger is the perfect example of a film of two halves. The first segment is breathtaking, as injured US Army Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery (Ben Foster) is reassigned to the Casualty Notification Team. Partnered with career soldier…

3.10 to Yuma

6 Sep 20074 stars

Pitting Russell Crowe and Christian Bale head-to-head guarantees a bout of intense, tortured manliness and this glowering, gripping remake of Delmer Daves’s 1957 Western (adapted from an Elmore Leonard short story) practically fires rounds of solid…