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Make this the year you go to Beltane Fire Festival

30 Mar 2017

As proposed changes to processions in Edinburgh threaten Samhuinn, Beltane gets fired up to celebrate the start of summer on Calton Hill

Beltane Fire Festival celebrates its 30th birthday this year, with organisers Beltane Fire Society promising to pull out all the stops ahead of the May Day Bank Holiday. The outdoor event, taking place on Sun 30 Apr, is a modern twist on the Celtic…


10 Sep 2009

Investigating the inspiration for Halloween

Halloween is about more than just pumpkin lanterns, apple dooking and dubious fancy dress. The true meaning of All Hallow's Eve harks back to the ancient fire festival of Samhain, the celebration of the final harvest and the beginning of the Celtic New…

Beltane Fire Festival

1 Mar 2009

Do you ever feel like you just don’t quite belong in a modern world? I’m not getting all new age-y on you, but in a fast-paced and fleeting society it can be difficult to find your place and feel part of a static community. Perhaps this is why…