Beltane Fire Festival

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Our spring picks for what to do across Scotland in April

5 Apr 2017

Puppet Animation Festival, TradFest, Buzzcut and other events to look forward to this month

As the days get longer, venturing outside no longer feels like a chore. We've picked out 15 events happening all across the country this April to help you make the most of the springtime. Puppet Animation Festival The UK's largest and longest…

Make this the year you go to Beltane Fire Festival

30 Mar 2017

As proposed changes to processions in Edinburgh threaten Samhuinn, Beltane gets fired up to celebrate the start of summer on Calton Hill

Beltane Fire Festival celebrates its 30th birthday this year, with organisers Beltane Fire Society promising to pull out all the stops ahead of the May Day Bank Holiday. The outdoor event, taking place on Sun 30 Apr, is a modern twist on the Celtic…

Beltane Fire Festival

4 Apr 2016

Birth, death and everything in between at the annual fire festival

The death of winter. The birth of summer. Shedding darkness and celebrating light in a decadent parade throughout Edinburgh's streets, culminating in a dramatic climax on the historic Calton Hill: that's what Beltane is all about. A consistent high…

The best events at Tradfest 2015

29 Apr 2015

Annual festival celebrates Scotland’s traditional arts and culture across Edinburgh

For nearly a fortnight around the Celtic celebration of May Day, venues across Edinburgh’s historical Old Town celebrate traditional arts, culture and thought through words, song and performance. We’ve picked out five highlights of a busy…

Beltane Fire Festival turns up the heat

28 Apr 2015

Everything you need to know about the annual event on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill

The celebration is inspired by an ancient Gaelic festival that marked the beginning of summer. The modern festival began in 1988 and has evolved into a night of immersive performance and colourful characters. A procession leads the May Queen and the…

Edinburgh's Beltane Fire Festival marks 25th anniversary

5 Apr 2012

Carnival of fire and light with roots in mythology

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Edinburgh’s Beltane festival. Over 12,000 revellers are expected to attend the event on Calton Hill as the Beltane Fire Society marks the passage from Spring into Summer. This Carnival of Fire and Light takes place on…

Edinburgh Samhuinn marks events from pagan calendar

27 Oct 2010

Beltane Fire Society bring fire and drums to Capital's Royal Mile

As a nation with some deeply pagan roots, we love any excuse to set fire to things while bashing away at drums. Thank goodness, then, for the Beltane Fire Society, which not only shares these passions, but manages to foreground them twice a year. This…

Beltane Fire Festival 2010

28 Apr 2010

Another spring comes around; another chance to let your pagan side slide out, as Edinburgh’s strangest, wildest and most wonderful festival mounts Calton Hill for a night of drumming, fire juggling, body paint, ancient Celtic fertility rites and very…

Beltane Fire Festival

16 Apr 2009

What’s that coming over Calton Hill? Yes, it’s the annual Beltane Fire Festival, complete with fire, frolics and lashings of body paint. Celebrating the beginning of the summer season, the unique festival draws inspiration from ancient Gaelic traditions…

Beltane Fire Festival

1 Mar 2009

Do you ever feel like you just don’t quite belong in a modern world? I’m not getting all new age-y on you, but in a fast-paced and fleeting society it can be difficult to find your place and feel part of a static community. Perhaps this is why…

All the world’s a stage

15 Sep 2008

Merchant City Festival (25-28 Sep) Located in the heart of old Glasgow, this event locates a programme of film, theatre, comedy, visual arts, street theatre, live music, food and fashion within an area of real…