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Anjelica Huston doesn't want 'comeback' tales

2 May 2019

Film gossip

Anjelica Huston doesn't want to be "humiliated" with an "old-lady cheerleader movie". The 67-year-old actress doesn't want to be regarded as a "has-been" or be seen to be making a "comeback" in her work these days, so she's on the look out for films…

Anjelica Huston wants Downton Abbey role

11 Nov 2013

TV gossip

Anjelica Huston wants a role in 'Downton Abbey'. The Oscar-winning actress is such a huge fan of the British period drama she would jump at the opportunity to appear in an episode. She told The Times newspaper: "I know some people have a problem…

Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings

11 Dec 20122 stars

Slight, professionally crafted fluff from the Disney Fairies franchise

Enjoying a considerably more successful solo career than most animated characters could muster, Tinker Bell has now featured in four feature films in her own right, without making any reference to her original role in JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. As a key…

When in Rome

21 Jun 20102 stars

(PG) 87min A potentially fluffy romantic fantasy is stretched far beyond breaking point in Ghost Rider writer/director Mark Steven Johnson’s When In Rome, in which career-fixated, romantically unlucky New Yorker Beth (Kristen Bell) picks four coins…

A Walk with Love and Death

22 May 20083 stars

ROMANCE/DRAMA (15) 90min (BFI) Made immediately after his boisterous Scottish historical romp Sinful Davey, this long lost, now cult, 1969 film was a much more personal project for the great John Huston. Based on Dutch writer Hans Koningsberger’s…