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Andrew Ranville: There & Here

6 Aug 20093 stars

Talking to the trees, or even taking things a base further and hugging them, may not be Andrew Ranville’s prime motivation in his eco-friendly reconstitution of natural fibres, which is on show, significantly, at either end of Leith Walk. But in his…

Visual Art Hitlist

29 Jul 2009

What's getting us excited in the visual art world.

Andrew Ranville, Bob and Roberta Smith This Artist is Deeply Dangerous, The Discovery of Spain, Eva Hesse: Studiowork, Jane and Louise Wilson, Milestone, Peter Blake: Venice.

Not set in stone: sculpture at the Festival

24 Jul 2009

Talitha Kotzé explores the nature and appeal of the form

An unofficial but recurring thread in this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival programme is sculpture. That is not to say traditionally moulded or contemporarily modulated, but sculpture in its broadest sense. It ranges from new work by the Wilson sisters to…