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Andrew Lawrence: Clean

5 Aug 20182 stars

Self-deprecating hour which fails to spark

It's almost four years since Andrew Lawrence posted a lengthy diatribe on his Facebook page decrying what he perceived as a cultural assault on right-wing politics and on his right to offend. There followed a series of spats between him and a number of…

Andrew Lawrence: Uncensored

24 Aug 20152 stars

A rant and a rave about the crippling culture he envisages around him

For the first five minutes, Andrew Lawrence proves his status as a Fringe veteran launching straight into an accomplished quick-fire routine that draws big laughs from the off. Then he makes a rape joke. And then the politics starts. Scorn is heaped on…

Five things you might not know about . . . Andrew Lawrence

7 Apr 2015

Controversial comic hits the road with Reasons to Kill Yourself

1. He never fancied a 9 to 5... Andrew Lawrence started out in the comedy world after leaving full-time education and being not too keen on a regular job. He scooped a couple of new act awards with his particular brand of close-to-the-bone musical…

My Comedy Hero: Andrew Lawrence on Leonard Rossiter

22 Jan 2014

Famous for portraying both Rigsby and Reginald Perrin, Rossiter paid great attention to detail

For a long time I’ve had a real admiration for Leonard Rossiter. He was responsible, of course, for bringing to life two fascinating, hilarious and enduring sitcom characters, first in Rigsby and then Reginald Perrin in what were two of the very best…

Andrew Lawrence: There Is No Escape

6 Aug 20134 stars

Nihilism made big, clever and funny

There was a time when Andrew Lawrence could split a room. A special joy was to be had in watching a crowd’s reaction as his gags ventured into darker and darker territory; some shifted uncomfortably in their seats while others gleefully lapped it up. As…

Comedian Andrew Lawrence tones down his psychotic side for latest tour

13 Dec 2012

Andrew Lawrence is Coming to Get You is, surprisingly, a more gentle comedic performance

He may have rid himself of those mad locks, but Andrew Lawrence’s comedic strength has been far from cut off. With a change of appearance, however, has come a shift in direction and his comedy act is less psycho and more curmudgeon these days (in…

Edinburgh Comedy Award 2011 shortlist

25 Aug 2011

Plus the 10 funniest jokes from the Fringe

The shortlist for the 2011 Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards have been announced. Nominations for best comedy show and for best newcomer. The winners will be announced on Saturday 27th August.

Andrew Lawrence - The Best Kept Secret in Comedy Tour

18 Aug 20114 stars

Mirthful and delicious kamikaze comedy

Coming on like a poetic auctioneer or a wayward racing commentator, Andrew Lawrence variously channels the guises of his grandmother, a fitness buff, a middle-aged man, a whining Scottish wean and a long-lost Trinidadian relation. All the while he…

Andrew Lawrence gets a few things off his chest

6 Aug 20104 stars

The end result is some high-pitched and hilarious rantings

Andrew Lawrence claims he doesn’t have a grand theme or gimmick to his show: he just wants to get a few things off his chest. Boy, does he want to get a few things off his chest. With most comedians you start to sweat for them after half an hour…

Edinburgh Fringe 2010 comedy highlights for a fiver

27 Jul 2010

The best comedy shows doing cheap previews

A Betrayal of Penguins The two young Irish jokers return with more sketchy nonsense in a show entitled Don't Run with Scissors? Gilded Balloon Teviot, 4-6 Aug, 2.45pm. Adam Riches The man behind Rogues Males is back in the saddle as he…

Andrew Lawrence tours throughout UK in summer 2010

28 May 2010

‘Ignore me’ may be his character’s catchphrase in the Johnny Vegas sitcom Ideal, but with his star continuing to move in a vertical trajectory, it might be harder and harder and harder to cast Andrew Lawrence from your mind. The crazy hair may have been…

Andrew Lawrence: Soul Crushing Vicissitudes of Fortune!

13 Aug 20094 stars

A show about how luck can change our lives

Returning to the Fringe for the fourth year in a row, Andrew Lawrence muses and mulls over the role that luck plays in our lives from the cynical stance of a young comedian. On the butt end of his jokes this time around, among others, are Ainsley…

Edinburgh Festival comedy highlights for a fiver

15 Jul 2009

Ooh, a Fringe in a credit crunch. It’ll be interesting times for all this year, but if you get in quick you can catch some of the best acts in exchange for a mere fiver. We’ve selected fifty of the finest shows you can see for the price of a…

Andrew Lawrence

14 Aug 20083 stars

Lawrence may be cleaner cut than the former tramp-devil he once 'played', but that hasn't dampened the amusing malevolence seeping from his mouth. He isn't the only comic this year to make the connection between the Shannon Matthews discovery and the…

Andrew Lawrence - Sit tight

31 Jul 2008

He may no longer be the stage psychopath with a killer tune and attitude to match, but Andrew Lawrence is still not exactly a cosy act. Marissa Burgess tentatively meets the man behind the growl Andrew Lawrence is a comedian in a state of constant…

Andrew Lawrence

16 Aug 20074 stars

Of all the descriptions Andrew Lawrence gives himself - ‘a voice like Joe Pasquale’ or ‘hair the colour of sexual rejection’ – the one that gets the biggest laugh is his ‘special needs character from a Dickens novel’. Returning after last year’s…

Punch Lines

1 Aug 2007

Jim Jeffries isn’t the only comic on the receiving end of trouble from their audience. Brian Donaldson compiles some tales of terror. At a late-night Spank! show, Andrew Lawrence (pictured) foolishly challenged a heckler to a duel. As Lawrence unpopped…

Andrew Lawrence

8 Aug 20063 stars

It’s not easy spending an hour in the company of a stick-thin psychotic with the voice of a Joe Pasquale on two packs of Marlboro (the red kind) a day and the kind of glare Charlie Manson took years to cultivate. Even less so when the comic in question…