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Aphex Twin – Syro

13 Oct 20144 stars

Warm, playful and at times brilliant addition to Richard D James' canon

So imagine you are Aphex Twin, cruising around in his non-existent tank and contemplating a half-baked remix for some idiot band with more money than sense (#justafxthings), when you stop to realise that you are really going to have to make a new album…

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos

19 Sep 20145 stars

Timeless, solitary music is ready-made soundtrack to moments of sublime inner vision

It’s hard to know where to start with an album like this, one that simply uncurls itself out of the speakers / headphones with a majestic, enveloping and enchanting ease, creating right away this thoroughly immersive and diaphanous state of blissful…

Loscil - The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, Wed 19 Feb 2014

27 Feb 20143 stars

Ambient soundscapes from Canada’s Scott Morgan

Though barely 18 months old, The Glad Cafe has earned itself a deserving place in the hearts of many, and not just those lucky enough to have the discreetly hidden southside delight on their doorstep it seems, as this is the second visit in less than a…

Tim Hecker - Virgins

25 Oct 20134 stars

The latest from the ambient-drone master is a challenging but vividly engrossing record

The recent work of Canadian ambient artist Tim Hecker has worked with two main themes; overtones of faith and spirituality (he often records and performs in churches) and an obsession with notions of sonic decay, specifically the connections between…

Pete Swanson and Tim Hecker - Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, 20 Sept 2013

26 Sep 20134 stars

Two leading proponents of contemporary ambient electronic noise

The billing of Pete Swanson, the former Yellow Swans member known for his experimental noise/techno fusion and Tim Hecker, the Canadian ambient musician responsible for some of the mist lauded and significant releases in his field over recent years…

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Sigur Rós - Kveikur

7 Jun 20134 stars

Icelandic band taking over the world with seventh studio album

It’s hardly Dylan going electric, but when early word got out about Sigur Rós’ new tougher direction, some fans of the moody Icelandic band whipped themselves into an ethereal lather. The truth behind the myths of their seventh studio album, Kveikur, is…

Interview: High Wolf - French electronic producer of droney, mystical music

22 Jan 2013

The secretive artist on his motivations, influences and background

Like a droney, mystical, hypnotic electronica shaman, Max (surname unknown) discusses Om, yoga, Hindu prayers and making the crowd ‘feel love’ Can you describe your music in five words? Human. Danceable. Spiritual. Colourful. Emotional. What will your…

Finn Peters - Music of the Mind

15 Nov 20103 stars

(Mantella Records) Arguably all music is at least initially of the mind, but there is an extra degree of literal description in the title of the saxophonist’s latest project. Peters worked with Dr Mick Grierson at Goldsmith’s University to map his…

The Orb

1 Oct 2009

Ambient electronica legends in Glasgow

The Orb brought ambient to the masses. The brainchild of Dr Alex Paterson the band emerged from the early house scene, manning the decks at Paul Oakenfold’s Land of Oz in 1988. ‘We split £90 between us when we did the six-hour chill out sessions. Our…

Cruiser - Happy Robots:Programmed to Love You

23 Jul 20094 stars

Despite a touring schedule which might fairly be described as minimal, Fife’s long-serving Cruiser are still criminally under-rated. So anything that gets the gospel out there – particularly a well-realised remix version of their last album Happy…

Various - Soma Coma Vol III

23 Jul 20094 stars

Glowing ambient melodies here invite you to get horizontal, maybe stare at something moving in slow-motion, and zone out. A soft, melodic flip-side to the label’s techno and electro releases, it’s best enjoyed in one long spaced-out chunk, like an aural…

5 Reasons To Go See - Jean Michel Jarre

13 Mar 2008

He’s an Oxygenius - Sorry, terrible pun to start with. Jarre’s revolutionary album Oxygene changed the face of popular music (trust us, you’d know if you heard it) on its release three whole decades ago. To celebrate the 30-year anniversary, he’s gonna…

Records - Rubens

13 Mar 20073 stars


AMBIENT ELECTRONICA It really is a terrible shame to always be likening fresh Scottish electronica to the all-conquering Soma stable, but Rubens possess that same jittery, emotive quality in spades. Christ knows how the title relates to the contents…