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13 Dec 2012

Gok Wan, Paul McKenna and more release self-improvement books for the new year

It’s a time of year we both love and dread. Naturally, it’s only polite to stuff as much food and drink into your system as humanly possible (and beyond) but there will be an inevitable payback somewhere down the line. Little wonder that publishers pick…

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16 Oct 2009

Getting off to a good start

Jacqueline Yallop - Kissing Alice, Laleh Khadivi - The Age of Orphans, Nick Stafford - Armistice, Camillia Noli - The Mother's Tale, Jeannette Walls - Half Broke Horses

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15 Oct 2009

Brian Donaldson rounds up the best of the books reaching us from the US this autumn

Dave Eggers - The Wild Things, Eric Schlosser - Command and Control, James Ellroy - Blood's a Rover, Gin Phillips - The Well and the Mine, Ryan David Jahn - Acts of Violence, Attica Locke - Black Water Rising

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17 Sep 2009

It'd be criminal to miss out on these

Stieg Larsson The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest The third volume of the bestselling Millenium Trilogy has Lisbeth Salander fighting corruption as she is set to face trial for three murders. Maclehose Press. Ruth Rendell The Monster in the…

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3 Sep 2009

The comedians turn to literature this week

Jack Dee - Thanks for Nothing, Jo Brand - Look Back in Hunger, Dara O’Briain - Tickling the English, Justin Lee Collins - Good Times, Peter Kay - Saturday Night Peter

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Also Published - 5 Paperback Biogs

11 Jun 2009

Carrie Fisher - Wishful Drinking A slim but funny and intimate memoir about the Star Wars legend’s mental problems and addictions. Pocket. Simon Gray - Coda A posthumous publication of the prolific playwright’s fourth volume of memories, which…

Also Published - 5 Crime Novels

30 Apr 2009

Walter Mosley - The Long Fall Moving away from Easy Rawlins and the 1950s, Bill Clinton’s favourite writer brings us a modern-day New York PI Leonard McGill. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. Nury Vittachi - The Feng Shui Detective’s Casebook A murder in the…

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5 Feb 2009

David Bainbridge - Teenagers: A Natural History This vet from Cambridge writes about teens as though they were animals (in a nice way), providing biological, anthropological and cultural reasons to explain their behavioural patterns. Portobello.

Also Published - 5 Paperback Novels

22 Jan 2009

Vikas Swarup - Six Suspects A half dozen individuals all have very good reasons for gunning down a corrupt politician’s son. But which of them actually pulled the trigger? Black Swan. Will Ferguson - Hustle Slick comedy about a trio of sharks…

Also Published - 5 Health Books

8 Jan 2009

Bruce Byron - Fat Bloke Slims Actor from The Bill and hubbie of Dr Tanya spills the beans on how he shed the pounds. Penguin. Joe Fournier & Jordan Paramor - Red Carpet Workout Fronted by celebrity sporting trainer Fournier, this is a short-term…

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Also Published - 5 Auto-Biographies

27 Nov 2008

Ted Turner - Call Me Ted The media mogul and ex-husband of Jane Fonda talks about family tragedy, CNN, the America’s Cup and his controversial former missus. Sphere. Diahann Carroll - The Legs are the Last to Go Subtitled ‘Ageing, Acting, Marrying…

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30 Oct 2008

5 crime paperbacks

Natasha Cooper - A Poisoned Mind Lee Weeks - The Trafficked Xavier Marie Bonnot - The First Fingerprint David Stone - The Orpheus Deception Gavin Esler - A Scandalous Man

Also Published - 5 Biographies

16 Oct 2008

Susie Boyt - My Judy Garland Life The daughter of Lucien Freud embarks on a journey following in her showbiz idol’s footsteps to discover what her life could teach us about love, loss and fame. Virago. Jonathan Bate - Soul of the Age This one…

Also Published - 5 Humour Books

2 Oct 2008

Benrik Ltd - A Book for People Who Want to Become Stinking Rich But Aren’t Quite Sure How The folk who annually bring us This Diary Will Change Your Life offer tips on overhauling airport security and getting really close to the mega-famous.

Also Published - 5 Celebrity Memoirs

18 Sep 2008

Roger Moore - My Word is My Bond Seems like it’s 007 memoir season as Alan Partridge’s favourite Bond suavely knocks out his story, an all-true tale of a childhood in WW2 London and hanging out with the stars in Tinseltown. Michael O’Mara. Julie…

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Also published - 5 History paperbacks

4 Sep 2008

Germaine Greer - Shakespeare's Wife, Lucy Worsley - Cavalier, TJ English - The Havana Mob, Richard Fortey - The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum, John Man - The Terracotta Army

Also Published - 5 Football Books

21 Aug 2008

Lou Macari - Football: My Life The former Celtic and West Ham manager tells of a controversial and tragic life in and out of the game. Bantam. Giles Smith - We Need to Talk About Kevin Keegan Subtitled ‘A Bumper Book of Football Writing’, this…

Also Published - 5 Crime Thrillers

14 Aug 2008

Nick Stone - King of Swords The follow-up to the award-winning Mr Clarinet is a dark and gory tale set in Miami featuring black magic and dodgy cops. Penguin. Steven Hague - Justice For All If you loved Dexter, you’ll go a bundle on this, seemingly…

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7 Aug 2008

Mark Steel - What’s Going On? The comedian relives his midlife crisis, focusing on his disillusionment with his political convictions, without losing his comic touch. Simon and Schuster. Dirk Bogarde & John Coldstream - Ever, Dirk After the success…

Also Published - 5 Debut Novels

3 Jul 2008

Shona MacLean - The Redemption of Alexander Seaton Historical crime set in 1620s Banff in which a disgraced minister seeks to clear his name when a body is found in his house. Quercus. Harry Sidebottom - Warrior of Rome: Fire in the East The first…

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Also Published - 5 Crime Thrillers

19 Jun 2008

Terence Strong - President Down Former intelligence officer Phil Mason is called on to hunt down al-Qaeda cells in the UK. Simon & Schuster. Daniel Silva - Moscow Rules Gabriel Allon returns to Russia to find the country awash with oil wealth, while…

Also Published - 5 Auto-biographies

5 Jun 2008

Andy Murray - Hitting Back The Dunblane lad may still be a slip of a boy but those memoirs start coming out earlier every year. Here’s the story of his life with Wimbledon fast approaching and another media frenzy brewing. Century. Russell Watson…

Also Published - 5 Father's Day Books

22 May 2008

Andrew Clover - Dad Rules Subtitled ‘What I Learned from My Girls’, this book based on the columns from this actor and stand-up is all about being in touch with your feminine side when it comes to fatherhood. Fig Tree. Sarah Brown & Gil McNeil…

Also Published - 5 Travel Books

8 May 2008

Daniel Kalder - Strange Telescopes Following up his Lost Cosmonaut, this intrepid Fifer goes on the hunt for some more offbeat individuals in the former Soviet Union. Faber. Susanna Clark - A House in Fez Subtitled ‘Building a Life in the Ancient…

Also Published - 5 Sports Paperbacks

24 Apr 2008

Barry Davies - Interesting, Very Interesting Over 40 years of broadcast commentating are recalled here by a man who reached the peaks when he went on Big Train to cover the World Stare Out Championships. Headline. Eddie Jordan – An Independent Man…