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Sometimes Always Never

10 Jun 20193 stars

Bill Nighy is as excellent as ever in this somewhat self-conscious comedy drama

Between Bill Nighy's fastidious lead and the title's nod to the rules for buttoning up (or not) suit jackets, this gently melancholic comedy drama from debut director Carl Hunter is a mite too fussy for its own good. Though the role of a dryly elegant…

The Ghoul

31 Jul 20174 stars

Shape-shifting British drama from debut writer-director Gareth Tunley, starring Tom Meeten

A maverick former policeman goes undercover as a patient in a film where nothing is as it first seems. Writer-director Gareth Tunley's debut feature boasts frantic, collage-like visuals that emulate the workings of a fractured mind, as we meet a man…


14 Oct 20164 stars

LFF 2016: Alice Lowe's self-starring directorial debut finds a pregnant woman out for blood

Alice Lowe is up the duff and on the hunt in the enjoyably provocative, blackly comic Prevenge, a film which gets considerable mileage out of its creator's own pregnancy. It balances a bad taste, exploitation movie plot (think Death Wish meets…

Black Mountain Poets

28 Mar 20164 stars

Jamie Adams directs Alice Lowe and Dolly Wells in a compassionate comedy

When we first meet con artist sisters Lisa (Alice Lowe) and Claire (Dolly Wells) they are – somewhat unsuccessfully – attempting to steal a JCB. Fleeing the scene, they end up at an isolated poetry retreat in the heart of Wales’ Black Mountains, where…


22 Jan 20143 stars

A high-concept, real-time, car-bound thriller starring Tom Hardy

Who'd have thought that concrete would make such compelling subject matter? In Locke we spend 85 minutes behind the wheel of a BMW driven by Welsh construction manager Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy), who's haring it down the motorway putting out fires both…


5 Nov 20123 stars

Outrageously funny British comedy about a duo on a killing spree

Imagine if Mike Leigh had been asked to direct Natural Born Killers or Oliver Stone's talents had been unleashed on a version of Nuts In May. That is the level at which Ben Wheatley's third feature is pitched. A bone dry, very British black comedy, it…


27 Nov 20083 stars

COMEDY The phrase ‘all-female sketch show’ shouldn’t necessarily send a shiver down the spine, but it just does. And before anyone says Smack the Pony I’ll trump you with Tittybangbang. But maybe things are changing. After a good Fringe for female…