Alfie White: Space Explorer

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Alfie White: Space Explorer

14 Aug 20154 stars

A richly crafted, sparkily delivered fable for the whole family

It’s a clever trick, setting a kids’ show in the late 1960s. The children get all the magic of an unfamiliar era, while the parents get a good dose of nostalgia. Tall Stories also has a fantastic ready-made soundtrack at its disposal, from Miles Davis…

Fringe preview: Alfie White: Space Explorer

17 Jul 2015

Young boy tells tall tales in Tall Stories’ new show

In 1967, when nobody’s feet had yet graced the surface of the moon, a space-obsessed boy could easily pretend his dad was going to be first. Which is exactly what Alfie White does, in this new show from Tall Stories. Unlike many of the company’s…