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Aye Write! launches 2015 programme

19 Mar 2015

Glasgow’s annual book festival welcomes Jane Hawking, Kevin Bridges, Lucy Ribchester and more

Launched in 2005 and hosted annually in the iconic Mitchell Library, Glasgow's book festival Aye Write has reached its tenth birthday. To mark a decade showcasing international literature, the festival is hosting a celebratory event There's Only One Aye…

1980s British pop - The ideological and musical battles of the decade we can't seem to recover from

16 Jul 2013

As Tracey Thorn and John Taylor hit the Edinburgh Book Festival, Alan Bissett explores 80s pop music

Where the case is more clear for other decades of British pop glory – leaping with Beatles, Bolans and Blurs – the jury’s still very much out on the 80s. When American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman dismisses Peter Gabriel’s Genesis (‘too artsy’) in favour of…

Interview: Rachel McCrum and Jenny Lindsay talk poetry at the Edinburgh Festivals 2014

15 Aug 2014

Poets are popping up all over the capital this august, including Luke Wright and Hollie McNish

Between the crowds, the queues, the small-hours bedtimes and the daytime drinking, moments of poetic transcendence don’t necessarily come high on the August-in-Edinburgh agenda. But those familiar with Edinburgh’s dynamic live literature and spoken word…

Whatever Gets You Through the Night

29 Jun 20124 stars

Powerful piece exploring the many Scotlands that exist in the wee hours

Not even the most hardened cynic could sniff at the ambition of this Vital Spark project headed up by Cora Bissett, who has invited writers and musicians from across the land to create work exploring the many Scotlands that exist between the hours of…

Interview: Cora Bissett and David Greig on Whatever Gets You Through the Night

25 Jun 2012

Night-themed project brings together theatre, music, film and a book

Cora Bissett, David Greig and Swimmer One have stayed up past their bedtimes to hang out with some of Scotland’s coolest actors, bands and artists. Anna Burnside takes an extra slug of coffee to find out Whatever Gets You Through the Night

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Is this a golden era for Scottish literature?

1 Feb 2012

Alan Bissett, Helen Fitzgerald and Allan Wilson survey the current literary lansdscape

Alan Bissett The contention is that Scottish literature – due to a combination of factors, including centralised buying by book chains and a backlash against post-Trainspotting fiction – has undergone a difficult time of late, but that the tide is…

Hot 100 2011 - No. 49 to 1

16 Dec 2011

The definitive list of Scottish creative talent

The Hot 100 is the definitive list of Scottish creative talent. From fashion designers to performance artists, everyone who has made a sizeable splash in 2011 has a place in this countdown. It’s for people who’ve created a buzz, but it’s also about…

The Pictish Trail, Des Maclean and Alan Bissett among highlights of the Stirling Fringe 2014

16 Sep 2014

After the success of its launch last year, the Stirling Fringe is back for 2014. Running from Fri 19–Sun 28 Sep, the Fringe promises an array of colourful entertainment from both home-grown and international talent. With over 50 events, Stirling's…

Yes or No? 15 shows to help you make your decision for the Scottish independence referendum

12 Sep 2014

Need help deciding? Let the worlds of art, theatre, comedy, books and music lend a hand

Glasgow Early Days: The Arches Referendum Festival A week of special theatre commissions including work by Rob Drummond, Gary McNair & Davey Anderson and Robert Ormerod, with the Arches Political Party the night before and the What Now? Brunch the…

Opinion: Scotland's theatre-makers are predominantly pro-Independence - so what happens if we vote No?

26 Aug 2014

‘If theatre is serious about dialogue, it has to remember to listen’

As the Edinburgh Fringe has made clear through the offerings of Alan Bissett, David Greig and the National Collective, the majority of theatre-makers have come down in public favour of the Yes vote in the upcoming referendum. Apart from causing a…

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The Pure, The Dead and The Brilliant

15 Aug 20143 stars

Entertaining if simplistic caricature of a complex political problem from Alan Bissett

Set in the fairy world, Alan Bissett's script conjures some convincing characters from popular myth and legend and places them in Scotland 2014 at the heart of the campaign for independence. With Bissett's own enthusiasm for a big yes well known, this…

The upcoming theatre writers, performers and festivals in Scotland

6 Sep 2013

New Scottish theatre work from Rob Drummond, Keiran Hurley, Nic Green and 85a Collective

The fierce vitality of Glasgow’s experimental performance art scene is unique in the UK. From authors like Rob Drummond, who are as likely to be on the stage as behind the typewriter, through monologue maestro Kieran Hurley, to the community-orientated…

Edinburgh Art Festival presents Art Late North and South events

15 Aug 2013

Evening programme of performance and tours held in association with The List

The thread between art and music has always held strong amidst Scotland’s art school culture, and it seems to be booming within the context of the Edinburgh Art Festival as well. A fixture of the programme for some years now, and its expansion to two…

Fringe poster trends 2013: The split poster

9 Jul 2013

The shows opting for a split-screen design at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe

Ban This Filth! He’s taken on a female stage personae before but Alan Bissett cranks it up several notches by portraying anti-porn campaigner Andrea Dworkin Natasha Yapp This Edinburgh-based comic gets properly stuck into identity politics as well as…

Christmas Songwriters’ Club in Edinburgh to feature Alan Bissett, Adam Stafford and more

18 Dec 2012

The event organiser, Danny Abercrombie, explains the idea behind the club

Christmas is coming, and with it, the fifth annual Christmas Songwriters’ Club. Danny Abercrombie, co-organiser of the night and performer with ‘Very Well’ explains more ‘This is the fifth year I’ve had to conjure up some festive spirit (in October…

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Hot 100 2012: 59-50

11 Dec 2012

Billy Connolly, Optimo and Kevin Bridges among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2012

The Hot 100 is our list of Scotland’s 100 hottest individuals and groups who’ve made a splash this year, from comic book writers to comedians, artists to actors. If they've contributed to Scotland's cultural landscape in 2012, you'll find them here.

Ten collaborative music, theatre and film projects from Scotland

7 Nov 2012

Including Speed of Light, Pass the Spoon and Whatever Gets You Through the Night

Pass the Spoon. It sounded like an unlikely dish, with ingredients including off-beat artist David Shrigley (who wrote the libreto), modernist composer David Fennessy and Magnetic North director Nicholas Bone working with the Red Note Ensemble, but when…

Five children's books from Scotland

2 Nov 2012

A Scots Alphabet, The Bunk-Bed Bus, Granny Nothing, Skarrs and Boyracers

Animal ABC: A Scots Alphabet Susan Rennie and Karen Sutherland (Itchy Coo, 2002) Fantastic illustrations, and a very funny introduction to a menagerie of animals described in Scots. The Bunk-Bed Bus Frank Rodgers (Puffin, 2004) I love the…

Alasdair Gray, Pat Kane and Alan Bissett to attend the 16th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair

15 Oct 2012

This year marks the sweet 16th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair, now firmly lodged in its setting deep in the heart of Leith. Those who organised the very first gathering might well have been surprised to be told that the 2012 fair would feature…

Unbound at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

7 Aug 2012

Night-time strand of off-the-page experimentation featuring Sarah Hall and Jenni Fagan

As wonderful as the Edinburgh International Book Festival is – and believe us, it is wonderful – the leafy confines of Charlotte Square Gardens, the village fete-style white tents and the hordes of latte-sipping Guardianistas can sometimes make the…

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Top five literary events outside the Edinburgh Intl Book Fest

2 Aug 2012

James Kelman, Ross Sutherland, Alan Bissett and more venture beyond Charlotte Square

There’s plenty of events for lit lovers in Edinburgh this month, with festival staple Edinburgh Book Fringe back for another year, plus the more indie stylings of Inky Fingers Minifest. The Book Fringe will have talks and readings by comedian Russell…

Alan Bissett tackles arachnophobia in new play The Red Hourglass

28 Jul 2012

The author and playwright's latest work uses spiders to dissect the nature of fear

‘I’ve always been arachnophobic, it’s something that goes quite deep into my childhood,’ says Glenfiddich Scottish Writer of the Year Alan Bissett. ‘’I’ve always been fascinated by spiders as well.’ This fear and fascination has led the author and…

Reveal 2012 showcases new Scottish theatre

25 Apr 2012

Highlights include Mexican reality TV, a Gaelic divorce and London riots performed by puppets

Following on from last year’s successful inaugural Reveal Season, The National Theatre of Scotland, in association with the Citizens’ Theatre, present Reveal 2012, a season of new work by up and coming and diversifying artists, many of whom have been…

Dear Glasgow theatre season focuses on Middle East and North Africa

21 Mar 2012

New project from Oran Mor’s A Play, a Pie and a Pint strand

With the Syrian crisis showing no sign of abating, the human story behind the various conflicts and uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa has seldom been so urgent. It’s an issue that David MacLennan, artistic director of Oran Mor’s A Play, a…

Interview - Alan Bissett

24 Aug 2011

Writer tackles Scotland’s sectarian shame in fourth novel Pack Men

With the rivalry between the Old Firm reaching dangerously manic levels recently, you’d think that sectarianism would be reflected in our nation’s fiction, but it’s hard to think of many novels that examine our unique bigotry. Step forward Alan Bissett…